Top 5 Android Karaoke Apps: Sing, Little Nightingale!

The karaokes they are something that the human race has always liked. Demonstrating your talents as a singer with a future or humiliating yourself in public in front of your friends with great joy, is something that we can easily achieve in any karaoke. Today we no longer have to go to any place to destroy the songs of our favorite artists: we can make a fool of ourselves in the solitude of our room with any of the many karaoke apps that swarm on Google Play.

After testing my throat (and the patience of my loved ones) for several days testing the various karaoke available for Android, I have put together the following list of the best of the best in karaoke for mobile.

The best karaoke apps for Android

All the apps on this list have millions of users and are wildly popular on Google Play. Shall we take a look at them?

Sing! Karaoke

Sing! is one of the best karaoke app for Android. We can listen to the songs streaming no need to wait, record our voice live and even put effects on it. In addition, it has a really huge catalog of genres and artists. Unfortunately, we can only unlock one song: to be able to sing the rest of the songs we will have to unlock them by watching videos or installing a series of promoted apps on our device.

Download QR-Code Smule: Singing and social karaoke Developer: Smule Price: Free


Yokee Although it has a good catalog of songs, its repertoire is not as extensive as that of Sing!. You need to download the song before you can sing it, which makes the process a bit slow at times. It is not as immediate as Sing !, but it does not have no limitation of songs that we can sing (except for some songs classified as VIP).

Download QR-Code Canta Karaoke - World's No. 1 Developer: Yokee ™ Price: Free

The Voice

The app of the well-known TV show The Voice It has a score of free songs to sing. One of the drawbacks is that the repertoire only sticks to current songsTherefore, it is impossible to sing songs with classics or songs that have already been behind them for a few years. The application as such is quite complete: you can record yourself singing in audio and video and then share your performances. It also allows you to modulate and put some effect on the voice to make it sound better. Of course, like the rest of apps of this type, it has quite a few integrated ads. The ideal karaoke app for fans of Lukas Graham, Ariana Grande, Wiz Khalifa or Calvin Harris.

Download QR-Code StarMaker Lite - Sing, record, edit songs Developer: StarMaker Interactive Price: Free

Red Karaoke

This is my favorite. Although it has quite curious details such as cataloging Manolo Escobar within the musical genre "Alternative", has many free songs. We can record ourselves on video being silly and it has functions to edit and adjust the voice. If you like the format of other similar apps like The Voice but you want to sing songs by spanish artists or groups like The Smiths or John Lennon, you have to try this application. Another tip in its favor is that you can see the performances of other users. It has no waste.

Download QR-Code Red Karaoke Sing and Record Developer: Red Karaoke Price: Free

And what do you think of the apps to sing karaoke? Bisbal or Bustamante? Bad Religion or NOFX? To talk about this topic or anything else that comes to your mind, right down here ... yes, the comment box.

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