78 free resources (movies, music, books) to pass the quarantine

We still do not know if the quarantine decreed by the government will extend beyond 15 days, although everything indicates that it could go for a long time. Therefore, it is time to stay home and live a little hermit life. What do we do 24 hours between four walls?

If you are like me who have the office at home, surely that is not a problem for you, but there always comes a point where one cannot take it anymore and needs to relax the mind. Many companies such as Movistar + Lite are offering their service for free while the crisis lasts, but it is not the only one. The New York Times, for example, is also offering free access to all news and content related to COVID-19 (HERE).

78 free resources to live without leaving home

Here we go over some of the free resources (either because of the coronavirus or because they are free per se) highlights to entertain us, keep us informed, exercise at home, some telework tools and other interesting content as well as useful to make isolation a little more enjoyable.

Film and television

  • Movistar Plus Lite: free until April 30 with 8 children's channels and more sports | To access
  • Cinema on TVE: Public television has added a few films on RTVE A la Carta to pass the quarantine at home. | Watch
  • Euskaltel: It offers free children's channels (Panda, Disney Junior and Disney XD) and cinema (Sundance TV, Xtrm, Somos and Dark). | To access
  • Youtube: 180 films that we can see in a completely legal way. | (info + links)
  • Pokemon movie "Mewtwo vs. Mew ”| To access
  • Quibi: Streaming service with short videos made to be seen on mobile. 3 months free trial if you register before its launch. | Android / iOS
  • EFILM: Free streaming platform of Spanish libraries with lots of movies | To access

Books, comics and magazines

  • Manga Plus: All the recent manga (and some old ones) from Shonen Jump magazine free to read online and in Spanish | Get in
  • The SIN method: Recipe book and tips for healthy eating | Download
  • Golden Age Comics: More than 15,000 titles available | Digital Comics Museum
  • World Digital Library: Historical Articles and Documents | To access
  • Press: Science fiction and fantasy fanzine. | Number 0, Number 1, Number 2, Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 6, Number 7, Number 8, Number 9.
  • DOMUS: The 3 novels of Guillermo Pérez-Tomé Estévez free on Amazon until March 19. | Download 1, Download 2 and Download 3
  • The origin of dreams: Novel by Jorge Serrano. | Download in Mega
  • 10 apps to read comics for free on Android: HERE.
  • To the weapons! (Illustrated Hooligans): Quique Peinado gives away his book. | Download at WeTransfer
  • Read me Books: Give the books away Left-wing footballers, The danger of growing up and The power of people. | Download
  • Karras comics: Almost a dozen free comics, such as Nancy in Hell. | Read
  • The patient: Novel by Juan Gómez Jurado. | Download by WeTransfer
  • Hearst Spain: Until April 1, it offers free access to its catalog of 19 publications, including the magazines Elle, Cosmopolitan, Qué me dices, Fotogramas, Men’s Health and others. | To access
  • Libero: 10 issues of the soccer magazine. | Read


  • Giants Magazine: Special issue of Giants on paper dedicated to the figure of Kobe Bryant | Read
  • Moto GP: Free the 10 best races in history. | Watch
  • Killian Jornet: Free for a week your films from the Summits of My Life project | Watch
  • Footballia: Web with historical football matches. | Watch
  • Julio Maldonado: Maldini shares historical football matches from his Twitter account via Google Drive. | Go to Twitter account
  • Red Bull TV: Free sports platform with competitions, documentaries and videos of the WRC World Rally Championship, motocross, BMX, cockfighting, brake dance, gaming… | Get in
  • Yorokobu: Four Yorokobu magazines in PDF to do indoor mental gymnastics. | Read (PDF)

Stay fit from home

  • Darebee: Training programs and exercises to do at home. | Get in
  • Sport Life: Download the free guide “32 circuits to train at home”. | Watch
  • The 10 best apps to exercise without leaving home. | Watch


  • PC Components: Offers free remote assistance (requires presenting a certificate from our company). | To access
  • Microsoft Teams: Telework tool (group chats). Free for 6 months. | To access
  • Hangouts Meet: Free for G Suite or G Suite for Education users. | To access

Video game

  • Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: One month subscription for only 1 euro. | To access
  • Call of Duty Warzone: New free online multiplayer of this mythical saga of shooters. | Download
  • Soccer PC: The classic soccer simulator of the 96-97 season. | Download
  • Tzar Online (Tzared): The classic multiplayer online game to play from the browser. | Get in
  • Open Lara: The first remastered Tomb Raider available to play from the browser. | Play
  • My Abandonware: Download more than 14,000 games ranging from 1973 to 2017, with titles Pacman, Arkanoid, Tetris, Warcraft 2 or Civilization. | Get in
  • PC Games Abandonware: This haven for discontinued free distribution classic games has a wide repertoire of titles where we find games such as PC Soccer 5.0, Virtua Cop 2, After Burner or Street Fighter 2. | Get in
  • Other classic games: You can find more websites with downloadable retro videogames in THIS POST.

Table games

  • Ironsworn: Role-playing game to play alone, cooperatively or guided (with master). In English. | Download
  • Drake's Treasure: Escape room about pirates, to print and play at home. Free until March 22. | Download
  • DogLokoGames: Free your board game Dirty fridge to print and play from home. | Download


  • The Danko: Listen to podcast.
  • Ground Zero Monographs: Listen to podcast.
  • Strange Days: Listen to podcast.
  • The Invisible Dragon: Listen to podcast.
  • Modern life: Listen to podcast.
  • The compass scabula: Listen to podcast.
  • Blank space: Listen to podcast.
  • The rose of the winds: Listen to podcast.
  • Comedy Central Stand-Up: Listen to podcast.


  • Freefy: Music streaming platform, free and without advertising between songs. | Listen
  • Berlin Philharmonic: Free access to all Digital Concert Hall concerts with the code “BERLINPHIL” (without quotes) | Listen
  • Quarantine Fest: Music streaming festival | Get in


  • Theater library: Theatrical documentation center, with several online plays available (registration required). | To access
  • Veamus: Theater on demand. 20 free online theater plays with the code "MEQUEDOENCASA" (without quotes) | To access


Museums that we can visit online with a virtual tour included.

  • Pinacoteca di Brera (Milan) => Visit
  • Galleria degli Uffizi (Florence) => Visit
  • Vatican Museum (Rome) => Visit
  • Archaeological Museum (Athens) => Visit
  • Prado (Madrid) => Visit
  • Louvre (Paris) => Visit
  • British Museum (London) => Visit
  • Metropolitan Museum (New York) => Visit
  • Hermitage (Saint Petersburg) => Visit
  • National Gallery of art (Washington) => Visit

This is all friends! In addition to those mentioned here, you can find many other free services and resources in the section FREE THINGS.

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