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For many people, radio is like TV: there is a lot of offer but we are obliged to be attentive when the programs are broadcast. In addition, and especially in general media, the thematic variety is often conspicuous by its absence.

Do you like the radio but are you up to your nose to listen to news programs, political gatherings or the same radio formulas as always? Then yours are the podcasts. Radio programs on the topics that you are really interested in and what can you listen to from your mobile whenever you want.

iVoox, the home of Spanish podcasting lovers

Today there are many podcasting platforms, but in the Spanish-speaking market, the one that stands out the most is undoubtedlyiVoox. We can access its content from the browser, but where we can really take advantage of it is in its app format for Android and iOS.

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I have been using public transport continuously for years, and since I discovered iVoox many years ago, it always travels with me. Hours and hours of conversations, gatherings and broadcasts of the most interestingjust a couple of clicks away.

What kind of podcasts can I listen to on iVoox?

I entered iVoox with the Ground Zero Monographs of La Rosa de los Vientos de Cebrián, although the truth is that iVoox has podcasts for all tastes. The contents related to the world of mystery, history, humor and video games stand out, but the range of themes is to take your breath away:

Business and Technology: marketing and strategy, business and sectors, personal development, Internet and technology.

Science and culture: travel and places, art and literature, languages, science and nature.

Leisure: Humor and entertainment, video games, role playing and anime, hobbies and gastronomy, magazine and variety, cinema, TV and shows

Music: alternative and indie, blues and jazz, electronic, pop and pop-rock, rock, metal, OST and classical, hip hop and rap, soul, funk and R&B, world and other music, experimental and new age

History and Beliefs: History, humanities, Faith, philosophy and spirituality, mystery and other realities

News and Society: politics, economy and opinion, news and events, world and society

Sport: Soccer, sports center and others

Well-being and Family: couple and relationships, children and education, mind and psychology, health, home and consumption

In iVoox the programs of Iker Universe, Blank space, Nobody knows anything with Buenfuente and Romero, La Escóbula de la Brújula, or the podcasts of Fourth millenium among others. But there is more. Many more. It would be strange if we did not find something that we like among its entire catalog.

IVoox Features: Timer, Downloads, and More

Regarding the functionalities of the application, it comes equipped with everything that can be asked of a tool of this type.

When we first started iVoox we can indicate our preferred themes for the app to show us relevant suggestions. From there, we have a search engine to locate the podcasts that interest us.

In addition, for each audio track, we will have the option to listen to it both in streaming and download it directly to our device, without the need to register or take any additional action.

Each podcast also has a choice of timer, which can come in handy if we are one of those who listen to podcasts in bed before going to sleep. In addition to this, there is also the options to share, include comments or create playlists among many other well-thought-out functionalities.

If you are looking to enter the world of podcasting, iVoox is one of those must-try apps. If we want to listen to podcasts in English we can pull PodBean Podcast, another great app, but if we look for content in Spanish, iVoox without a doubtIs the best option.

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