Elephone U Pro is the ultimate clone? Samsung Galaxy S8

Elephone has decided to make the definitive leap to Snapdragon processors. And he does it with him Elephone U Pro, a mobile that will still take a few weeks to reach stores, but that already promises to attract the eyes of many fans.

Elephone U Pro, a mobile with 6GB RAM, 128GB of space, Snapdragon 660 and… Wait! This is not a Samsung Galaxy S8 clone?

The first thing that catches the attention of Elephone U Pro, the "hilarious" version of the Elephone U, is its processor Snapdragon. Elephone is one of those companies that has been trying for years to make a name for itself in the industry, but by dressing its mobiles with processors Mediatek many people don't pay as much attention to them as they should. When will people stop treating these SoCs like they are nothing short of useless junk? Has Mediatek gone so bad for them, or is it just posturing?

Some would not touch it with a stick.

The Elephone U Pro does not differ much from other mobiles that the Asian company has been launching in recent years, but hey! Now we have a Snapdragon 660.

As is usual whenever there is a new model in Samsung's Galaxy S line, Elephone brings out its corresponding low-cost version for the less well-off. There we have the Elephone S7 from a couple of years ago as a clear and direct example, which must have been swollen to sell, by the way. This time they have been less obvious, and although the design is clearly based on the Samsung Galaxy S8, the name plays a little more misleading.

Call it clone, call it borrowed inspiration, Call it whatever you want. The fact is that the Elephone U Pro looks very good, and as they say, "by its specifications you will know it."

Elephone U Pro technical specifications

However, although the processor change is the most striking thing about the device, the truth is that it is by no means its most important feature.

We are facing a smartphone that makes an important qualitative leap compared to previous Elephone models. The manufacturer wants to play in the first division, and for this it has equipped the future U Pro with the following technical specifications:

  • Screen of 5.99 inches AMOLED Full HD (2160 x 1080p) and format 18: 9
  • Snapdragon 660 Octa Core 2.2GHz processor
  • 4 - 6 GB of RAM
  • 64 - 128 GB of internal memory + microSD
  • Android 8.0
  • 13 + 13 MP rear camera
  • 8 MP selfie camera
  • 3,550 mAh battery with fast charging and wireless charging
  • Fingerprint reader, USB-C port, dual SIM and NFC

Price and availability

The Elephone U Pro has not yet been officially presented (that will be in Madrid on February 8). But as you can imagine, with hardware like this, we will undoubtedly face the most expensive mobile made by Elephone to date.

Its price could be around 400 euros (on GearBest they already advertise it for 365.82 euros), and although it is a fairly high amount, it is still a more than acceptable price for a premium mid-range with a design as particular and popular as this one.

Until now, if you wanted a Chinese clone of an iPhone or a Samsung Galaxy, you were obliged to have normal hardware. With the Elephone U Pro we will continue to have a cheaper alternative to the Samsung Galaxy S8, but with hardware at the height with Android 8.0, wireless charging and NFC, among other niceties.

You can get more information about the Elephone U Pro on the official Elephone website.

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