Scishion V88: My First Android TV Box - A True Story

When I started to consider buying a TV Box for the living room, I did not want to leave too much money. It came from using a fairly homemade method to play streaming videos, using my old PS3 as a bridge between the TV and the PC, thanks to the priceless PS3 Media Server.

Due to the problems I had to play MKV and MP4 videos using this method, one day I got tired and decided to try my luck with an Android TV Box. This is how I made my debut in this little microcosm, and I got a Scishion V88.

First contact with the Scishion V88

It is a device that is still quite cheap today, so if things did not go well it would not be any catastrophe either. Plus, I could always go back to streaming my life with my bedroom PC.

When I plugged the “box” into the TV for the first time, the feeling couldn't have been more pleasant. "Oh yeah! Android on TV! ". The main objective of the Scishion V88, which was to reproduce high quality videos, 4K and somewhat quarrelsome formats, it fulfilled it perfectly. The good came later.

Then i found out KODI, a media player that comes pre-installed on the V88 and with which you can install certain add-ons or add-ons and watch all kinds of streaming content like YouTube, Netflix, Crunchyroll and hundreds of other platforms.

Specifications and experience after several months of use

It is true that the features that equip the V88 are nothing to write home about: 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage space (expandable) RK3229 CPU and Android 6.0. Yes indeed, has 4 USB ports and SD card slot.

Sometimes the buffer has been loading when I see some streaming a little powerful, but I can assure you that during the last year or so that I have been using this TV Box, for me it has been like a gift from heaven.

I really like this type of device, and that is why now I have “updated”To another TV Box model a little more demanding. Even so, I still think that the Scishion V88 has been one of my best purchases in recent times, considering all the use I have given it and the few problems it has caused me in all these months.

A couple of days ago I saw in Tomtop that they had this same Scishion V88 on offer for 21.83 €So, if you are thinking of getting a TV Box for the first time, but you still have doubts, here you have a satisfied user.

Tomtop | Buy Scishion V88

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