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There are certain types of applications that are essential on any mobile phone. It is always necessary to have a good file explorer, or a player that allows us to listen to music or watch videos on Android. Although if we have a good camera app we will undoubtedly need one gallery app that allows us to view and manage our photos in a comfortable and simple way.

The best gallery apps for Android

Google Photos is an excellent gallery application, and probably one of the most powerful, not only because it allows us to make a cloud backup of all our images and videos. It also has a lot of cool features, like a really advanced internal search engine or a smart assistant that gives us the eye with some pretty slick albums and animations.

Now, Google Photos as an image management tool is far from what is the typical gallery application of a lifetime. Is there life beyond Google? !Of course!

Simple Gallery

As its name indicates, we are facing a gallery app that is very easy to handle. A super intuitive tool with which we can see the photos and move from one to another in a grid arrangement. Simple and effective.

Although that does not mean that it is not loaded with functionalities. On the one hand, it allows you to customize the color of the interface, adjust the maximum brightness of the screen and rotate the images automatically when we are in full screen. But it also lets us do a little more advanced things, such as excluding folders or hiding certain images so that they are not displayed in the gallery. Afterwards, we can even protect those images with a password or block access to the entire app using a PIN. Completely free application and without ads.

Download QR-Code Simple Gallery - Admin-editor of photos, videos Developer: Simple Mobile Tools Price: Free

A + Gallery

A + Gallery is another one of those gallery apps that is worth following closely. It helps us manage the photos and images of our Android comfortably, which in the end is what it is about, but it also has certain interesting flashes that make it shine.

With this application we can create new folders, mark favorites and change the order of the albums. It is also compatible with Facebook, Dropbox, and Amazon Cloud Drive, and has an integrated recycle bin, plus a trunk to hide private photos and videos. Free application that is maintained with ads (although we can also eliminate them by going to the pro version).

Download QR-Code Simple Gallery - Admin-editor of photos, videos Developer: Simple Mobile Tools Price: Free


Piktures is one of the most complete gallery applications for Android that we can currently find. It has a really attractive interface, and allows you to manage images through gesture navigation. It's fast, easy to use, and free with no built-in ads.

It allows you to create folders, exclude unwanted folders, hide albums, connection to cloud storage units (Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox) and many other interesting things. It also has an integrated video player, an image editor and the ability to protect private images with an access PIN.

Download QR-Code Piktures Developer: DIUNE Price: Free


This app is halfway between the typical standard gallery app and what are the trunk applications. On the one hand we can see the photos that we have stored in the memory of the device and organize them by date or cascade. But on the other, it also allows us to hide any photo or video that we have saved, blocking its viewing and also encrypting the file for greater security in case of theft or hacking.

It also includes a small image / video editor and dark theme. It is simple but the truth is that it is not bad at all.

Download QR-Code 1Gallery: Photo Gallery & Secure (ENCRYPTED) Developer: Price: Free

Focus go

Focus Go is the right option for those looking a gallery app with no frills. It has the fair and necessary functionalities that we could expect in one of these tools, but no more (no animations or things like that). It barely weighs 1.5MB, so we are facing a light app like few others that fulfills its function perfectly: view and manage the photos that we have stored on the mobile. Point.

Download QR-Code Focus Go Developer: Francisco Franco Price: Free

F-Stop Gallery

F-Stop is a fairly veteran gallery app that continues to hold its own even today. It has a nice interface with Material Design type design along with a good set of features. It has a very powerful search engine that allows us search based on image metadata, and we can even add tags to photos to make them easier to locate and organize.

It is also capable of reading the metadata of each photo (EXIF, XMP and IPTC information) and has a function called “Smart Albums” that organizes the albums intelligently. In addition to all this, it also incorporates the playback of GIFs natively, which never hurts.

Download QR-Code F-Stop Gallery Developer: Seelye Engineering Price: Free

Camera Roll Galley

A simple gallery app, very much in the line of Focus Go. If you are looking for a tool to view, manage and organize your photos efficiently this is an application that you will probably like. However, it has an extra that makes it stand out from other similar apps: includes an EXIF ​​editor with which to modify the metadata Of the photos. Please use it with caution and responsibility.

Download QR-Code Camera Roll - Gallery Developer: Lukas Koller Price: Free

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