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Nobody is aware that by now Android has become a top-of-the-line gaming platform. Many important titles for console and PC end up having their corresponding port to Android and vice versa. Today, we delve into the 10 best action games for Android.

The best action games for Android phones and tablets

Of course, the genre of action, in its greatest exponents, usually carries a great graphic load, so, in certain titles, we will require a mobile or tablet with some power and capable of moving heavy games.

Injustice 2

A very faithful and successful adaptation of Injustice 2 presented on consoles last year. It has controls adapted for mobile devices, which greatly facilitates the gameplay when fighting with your favorite DC characters. Most of the special attacks are maintained, with some small changes in the game mechanics, and the graphics practically border on excellence. Definitely, one of the great action games for Android today.

Download QR-Code Injustice 2 Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises Price: Free

Into The Dead (1 and 2)

A zombie survival with original game mechanics like few others. In itself, we are facing a infinite runner in which we must advance without rest avoiding the undead that are crossing our path. During the race we can collect weapons and first aid kits to give a little more sauce to the matter.

The PIKPOK title also has a sequel, although the original version is the most successful of the 2 so far. More than 50 million users attest to this.

Download QR-Code Into the Dead Developer: PIKPOK Price: Free Download QR-Code Into the Dead 2 Developer: PIKPOK Price: Free

Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The Modern Combat saga is one of the most popular on Android, and the fifth installment is an example of what a AAA action game for mobiles has to be. It has online multiplayer mode, in addition to the always appreciated campaign mode.

As far as gameplay is concerned, we are faced with an FPS (first person shooter) with 9 different character classes (soldier, gunner, tracker, sniper, support, bounty hunter, sapper, X1-Morph or Kommander), each with its own corresponding unique skills that we can improve. The multiplayer is undoubtedly one of the strengths of the Gameloft game.

Download QR-Code Modern Combat 5: eSports FPS Developer: Gameloft SE Price: Free


ICEY is a 2D beat'em'up action game for PS4 and PC that also has a mobile version. A game that owes its success to word of mouth and really successful gameplay, fluidity and graphics. It has a price of 2.29 euros, but it is one of those titles in which the price is completely justified. Combos system, final bosses and fast fights, all taken care of to the millimeter.

Download QR-Code ICEY Developer: X.D. Network Price: € 2.69


In this survival FPS we take on the role of one of the 5 elite members of Wolfpack, the special forces in charge of cleaning New York from a virulent zombie attack. Excellent visuals for a game whose strong point is the dynamism and speed of each of the scenes. Of course, it also includes multiplayer mode.

Download QR-Code UNKILLED - Multiplayer Zombie Shooter Developer: MADFINGER Games Price: Free

Punch Hero

A modernized version of the classic Nintendo Punch Out. The typical boxing game in which we must combine our best blows taking care to avoid the opponent's blows. It has an arcade mode with 25 levels and a degree of customization of our boxer more than acceptable. A simple and fun action and fighting game, one of those of a lifetime.

Download QR-Code Punch Hero Developer: GAMEVIL Price: Free

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Rockstar Games has released several titles in the GTA franchise on Android (5 so far). Perhaps San Andreas is one of the most popular, thanks to the great map that it incorporates and a few features that have remained in the saga to this day. A violent game rated with PEGI 18 and a classic that works like a charm, also on Android mobile devices. Street gangs, drugs, money and corruption in the city of Los Santos.

Download QR-Code Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Developer: Rockstar Games Price: € 7.99

Critical ops

Critical Ops is a first person shooter in which we can play as a counter terrorist commando or as a terrorist trying to cause as much damage as possible. A game with a lot of potential that, curiously, is still in the alpha phase of development, but that already has more than 10 million downloads –and a very good score, by the way-. It has multiplayer, solo mode and a wide range of weapon customization.

Download QR-Code Critical Ops Developer: Critical Force Ltd. Price: Free

Guns of Boom - Online Shooter

Guns of Boom is a multiplayer action game for Android with a somewhat aesthetic cartoon quite interesting. A very colorful FPS with a large number of weapons, grenades and other classics of the genre. High playability and great fun. Great action game for Android.

Download QR-Code Gods of Boom - Online PvP Action Developer: Game Insight Price: Free

Space marshalls

Tactical shooter with overhead view that puts us in the shoes of Burton, a specialist who fights against all the criminals in the galaxy. A sci-fy adventure with touches of the Wild West in which tactics and stealth take on vital importance.

Download QR-Code Space Marshals 2 Developer: Pixelbite Price: Free Download QR-Code Space Marshals Developer: Pixelbite Price: € 4.59

The first installment of Space Marshalls is reputed to be somewhat superior, but is priced at 5.08 euros - the second part is free. Good graphics and fun gameplay.

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