Funny Easter images and photos for WhatsApp and Telegram

Today is Holy Tuesday and we can say that we are already fully involved in the Easter holidays. Whether you are devotees of your favorite brotherhood or if you carry the procession inside, you cannot miss the following selection of funny photos and images of Easter.

Funny pictures and images of Easter to send by WhatsApp, Telegram, email or carrier pigeon

It never hurts to congratulate the warrior's noble rest when festivities like this approach. And it is even more enriching and fun if we do it with a little humor. Here is an interesting selection of photos and funny images related to Holy Week. We start with one that is a classic ...

The problem that Jesus would have if he had to deal with millennials ...

Jesus is a serious thing.

Warning message, quite widespread at this time.

He did not understand very well about Holy Week….

I've seen that expression before somewhere else.

Your Jesus would have been born in the age of the Internet and memes ...


Jesus seal of approval.


To each his own theme…

The best way to attract rain.

Misunderstandings 2.0.

The typical courtesy call.

Curiosities: 10 expressions related to Holy Week.

Batman at Easter.

Funny phrases and jokes to share at Easter

If you are more about writing and less about sending images or photos, do not hesitate to take a look at this collection of phrases and jokes with Easter as the main humorous engine.

Dear brothers, Easter is coming and I invite you to reflect: Mateo: 20; Frames: 25; Juan: 20, I put 30 and we already have for the bottle of whiskey !!

A woman asks her husband:

- Love, what are your plans for Easter?

And the husband responds:

- Do what Jesus did.

The woman exclaims:

- Oh, my love ... are you going to sacrifice yourself for me?

And the husband responds:

- NO ... NO ... what Jesus did ... disappear on Friday and appear on Sunday.

-Father, I confess that I am homosexual, will I save myself?

-You are going to save yourself, but because I have a funeral at 5, if not ...

What can I do with my sins, priest?


-A quarter past three, but what can I do with my sins?

Why is Father a rocker? Because he has a parsonage.

A Jehovah's Witness sits next to an Andalusian brother on a Granada-Tenerife flight. When the plane has taken off they begin to distribute drinks to the passengers.

The Andalusian asks for a little rum cube.

The stewardess asks the Jehovah's Witness if he wants a drink.

Jehovah's Witness replies in a bad tone:

"I'd rather be kidnapped and savagely raped by a dozen whores from Babylon before a drop of alcohol touches my lips!"

The brother returns the cubata to the stewardess and says:

'I also. I did not know that you could choose '

- Pastor, my girlfriend left me, according to her for being very religious.

"And what are you planning to do?"

-Well, to recover that anathema I will give it seven times and then I will blow the shofar anointed with oil, until the Glory of God descends. Hallelujah!


-Tell me Lord?

-Throw your mobile on the ground and smash it into a thousand pieces!

-What !?

-Ha ha! just kidding! Sacrifice your son to me.

-Goodness! What a scare you hit me Lord!

Jesus goes in a truck with an apostle and sees someone in the distance and the apostle asks Jesus:

- Sir, isn't that Lazarus?

And Jesus answers:

- Yes, that's it, we're going to run him over to revive him.

Having said that, they run him over, stop, get off, and Jesus stands next to the corpse and says:

-Lázaro get up, Lazaro get up ……. Fuck, this is not Lazaro, let's go!

-Please, would you give 10 euros for the priest's cloak?

-10 euros?. No, I give 500 ... but I do!

Why is the Pope always a man?

Because thus we say: "His Holiness the Pope"; instead,

if she were a woman we would say: "Your Holiness La-Mama"

A man is on the train, and two nuns sit next to him.

Suddenly the train stops at a station, and the man says:

-As we are in Cercedilla, touch my knee.

The nuns get angry, and reproach him for what he has said.

The train continues, and soon it stops at another station, to which the man says:

-As we are in Villalba, touch my beard.

With the consequent anger of the nuns, the train continues and one of the nuns says:

-Sister, let's go quickly, the next one is Torrelodones.

Two madmen enter a convent, they capture all the nuns and say:

-We are going to rape you !.

Says a nun:

-No, not to the Mother Superior, please.

And the Mother Superior says:

-He said that to all and it will be TO ALL!

A bishop calls the attention of a village priest:

I let you put on jeans instead of a cassock… put on Hawaiian shirts… put an earring on your left ear…. But that at Easter you put up a sign saying ‘CLOSED DUE TO THE DEATH OF THE CHIEF'S SON’ that is NO.

Happy Easter everyone! Don't hesitate to leave your Easter jokes and funny phrases in the comments area!

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