HiSense C20 King Kong II in review: a bulletproof submersible terminal

HiSense is a company that has really become known in the world of televisions and Smart TVs. Now the Asian brand is trying to make its way into the complicated world of smartphones with a truly unique phone that will surely be etched on your retinas. We talk about HiSense C20, also known as the King Kong II. Can't you guess where the nickname comes from?

In today's review we analyze the HiSense C20 King Kong II, a resistant and submersible terminal, capable of withstanding a direct punch from the Hulk himself.

Design and finish

What really sets this one apart HiSense C20 King Kong II of the rest of the terminals is its robust design and finish. We are talking about a smartphone specially designed to withstand falls, bumps and all kinds of shocks. A tough phone like few others. It is also completely submersible, being able to hold at a depth of one meter for a period of 30 minutes.

To achieve this resistance to the adverse The terminal has rubber protectors on the upper and lower frames, protecting the screen and body of the device from possible drops and bumps. Contrary to what it might seem, these protectors are quite attractive to look at and look very good in a terminal that has a design quite similar to the iPhone 4.

Its AMOLED screen has a size of 5 ”with HD 1280 x 720 resolution, which in turn is protected by a glass Corning Gorilla Glass 4, which together with the aforementioned, make this phone the ideal device for adventurers and lovers of the most extreme situations. Do you want to see what a Gorilla Glass 4 can handle? Take a look at the following video:

Power and performance

Although the HiSense C20 King Kong II is mainly aimed at an audience looking for a strong and durable terminal, the manufacturer has also taken care to deliver competent and quality hardware.

Here we will not find the classic Mediatek processor that these types of devices usually deliver. The HiSense C20 features an 8-core Snapdragon 410 CPU, that together with their 3GB of RAM ensures more than fluid performance. It also has 32GB of non-expandable internal storage and a very light customization layer that works under Android 5.1. A device with which we can carry out our daily tasks such as checking email, surfing the Internet, chatting or playing a couple of games without fear that the phone will leave us lying down.

Camera and battery

The camera and battery are also important factors if we are going to use this King Kong II on our weekend getaways. When it comes to the camera, the HiSense C20 features a 5MP selfie lens and a rear lens with 13MP resolution with which to take quality photographs. An interesting detail is that we also have a double-tap button for the shutter, with which we can focus first and then take the picture and everything comes out perfect. Keep in mind that now we will be able to take snapshots even under the water!

As far as autonomy is concerned, the device presents a 3200mAh battery. A power that although it is not the highest we have seen so far, it is a considerable figure that will allow us to work with it with the peace of mind of knowing that it will not run out of battery at the first change. There are times when we can spend a whole day away from a charger, and in those cases battery safety is vital.

Other features

As for the rest of the specifications of the HiSense C20 King Kong 2, we can highlight that it has Dual MicroSIM and supports 4G networks. Therefore we also have that plus of being able to use the terminal with 2 different phone numbers. It also presents an above-average sound, thanks to its Dolby certified audio.

Price and availability

The HiSense C20 King Kong II is a mid-range smartphone, and the truth is that with the features it hoards it could easily stand at 200 euros. Luckily, the manufacturer has made sure to deliver an affordable phone. Its current price is 178.86€ and it is something that is appreciated.

We are not in front of a gala telephone to show off at our next black tie dinner. The King Kong 2 is a smartphone with which we will be able to play, “mistreat” it and hit it without fear of breaking it. The ideal device for those looking for a resistant, waterproof phone with more than interesting features.

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