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BBTAN is a mobile game with a strong retro aesthetic. Has that 8-bit matching scent I like it so much, and you do well to embrace that new visual subculture, since everything smells stale (in a good way). The mechanics of BBTAN are very similar to the classic Arkanoid from the arcade games of the 80s: a set of blocks that we will have to destroy with a small ball that we will launch from below. Each block has a number that indicates the number of hits that block must receive to be eliminated.

To make everything more crazy and fun in each spin the number of balls will increase exponentially, and the blocks in turn will get closer and closer to us. At first it may seem like a curious dynamic, but when you are already on roll number 65 and launch a shot of more than 60 simultaneous balls ... Crazy!

Besides Arkanoid, it also has some dynamics reminiscent of other classics like Bubble Bobble or the timeless Tetris, 2 true mind catchers, which helps explain just how addictive this game can get.

BBTAN is a game developed by the 111% company. If we visit your website we can find many other games that pursue the same objective a bit: that they are simple and addictive games. Games like Popong!, CCTAN, or Charles they all drink from the same source.

The game is free, but it has integrated purchases of between 1 and 8 euros. You already know that this dynamic freemium has become very popular in mobile applications for some time now, so it is not too surprising, but in that case you should at least avoid introducing such long ads at the beginning of the game. But hey, it's a small detail that we forgive BBTAN for being such a fun and addictive game.

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You can download the Android version of BBTAN by clicking on it LINK.

If yours are the iPhone or iPad, you can download BBTAN from HERE.

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