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The truth is that this transformation is something that brings them. It is true that part of the backbone of Dragon Ball is the increasingly powerful transformations of its characters. Saiyans in particular have quite a few, but with Dragon Ball Super they are running across the entire rainbow.

SPOILERS !! If you do not want to know how is the transformation of Goku's Mastered Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super, do not continue reading

In the middle of last week we could already see some rumors of a possible new transformation of Son Goku. This would be the one corresponding to the completely mastered Migatte no Gokui, that is, the “ultra instinct” 100% controlled.

It all started with a collectible card like this one, where you can barely see a tiny Son Goku, bottom left, with a slightly strange hair color ...

If we were very exquisite we could say that it is a fake. But it was not until the broadcast of episode 128 of Dragon Ball Super this weekend that this transformation was confirmed.


Everything is said, in the preview of episode 129 you do not see the color that the Saiyan's locks will wear this time. However, an additional image has already come out to confirm what appears to be a new tint change in Kakarrot's styling.

On the Internet, Americans already call him "White Goku", well, in Spanish. I'd say it's something more halfway between white and gray. Goku The Gray, type lord of the rings maybe? Bah!

What do you think of this new transformation? Is there room for one more color between now and 2021?

We are going to wait to contemplate this Ultra Instinct mastered in motion and in condition to give a slightly more thoughtful assessment. Anyway, it starts to be a bit sad to see the drift that this whole thing is taking. Did we really need a new hair color, a new transformation?

Saiyans have various processing lines. The Great Monkey line, the Super Saiyan line, the Legendary Super Saiyan line, the Super Saiyan God and the Ultra Instinct. Each of these lines has several transformations, giving a total of more than a dozen (at least) makeovers.

The downside of this is that the Ultra Instinct that we have seen so far is going to be quite diluted, relegating it to 3 scenes or mini fights. A transformation that is really good, it is subtle like few others and that also had a lot of potential to be developed over many more chapters.

Come on, this transformation is not cool or anything

And what will Akira Toriyama think of all this? Well, the truth is that from what you have commented in an interview, his initial idea was to use the color white instead of blue for the Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan, but he decided to change it at the last minute so as not to match the hair color of the antagonist in the next story arc, Black Zamasu - remember, he had A haircut equal to Goku's and it was white. It only took them to move on to a new story arc, with Zamasu off the map, so that now we can see Son Goku with white hair.

And what do you think? What do you think of the new transformation of Goku White? Is it a hint to say that they are going to retire Goku, now that they have announced the end of Dragon Ball Super on television?

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