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The truth is that the news has settled like a jug of cold water among a large part of the fandom. After several months pondering the possible identity of the mysterious saiyan that appeared in the incredible teaser for the new 2018 movie, released shortly after the end of the Dragon Ball Super anime, the mystery has been solved. The title says it all: "Dragon Ball Super: Broly”.

When everything pointed to Yamoshi, the legendary saiyan that Akira Toriyama took out in one of his last interviews, the official website of the next Dragon Ball movie published a new promotional poster, accompanying the official title of the film. Neither Yamoshi, nor pickled vegetables, Goku's twentieth movie will serve to reintroduce Broly as a canonical character in the official history of the franchise.

Broly, welcome to canon: new redesign and new nuances

But this is not all, since the official poster has been accompanied by a new message from the original creator of the series.

“People, have you heard of Broly?

He is an incredibly powerful saiyan who only made an appearance in old anime movies. From the looks of it at least I did its design, but I was practically not involved in anime at the time, so I have completely forgotten its story.

I have heard that today Broly is still a very popular character not only in Japan, but also abroad. Based on that, my editor suggested that I should appear in the next movie.

I agreed and started to watch the old movies, and I felt that it might be interesting to touch up certain things. I got to work on a story that would incorporate him into the Dragon Ball universe.

Keeping the image of the classic Broly in mind, so as not to disappoint the fans, I have updated and added a new vision to the character. And I think that with this I have achieved an even more fascinating Broly.

Naturally, you will see a fierce combat, but, also, the ins and outs of destiny that have guided the encounter of Goku, Vegeta and Broly. This also involves the Frieza Force and the history of the saiyan, which ended up having a greater connection to all of it. The story has ended up becoming something bigger and more dramatic.

Here comes the almighty saiyan, Broly! But I have also added a lot of other content that all fans will enjoy, so wait for it and be patient a little longer until everything arrives. "

"Dragon Ball Super: Broly", was this what Dragon Ball needed to move forward?

As I mentioned at the beginning, I have read on various Internet sites that people are a bit disappointed with this matter. There was quite a lot of enthusiasm to meet this new mysterious character, but seeing that it was the old Broly, many spirits have sadly deflated.

It is true that until now, apart from being the Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly was a fairly flat character that does not contribute much. The Hulk on duty. The typical hunk with a lot of muscle and little brain.

But let's think that now that Akira Toriyama has put his hands on him, things will improve, and he will be endowed with the nuances and background he deserves. And seen what has been seen, it would not be surprising if he took advantage of all that legendary mysticism around Broly to also introduce Yamoshi, and link him in some way with Freeza and his army.

Kale and Broly: two sides of the same coin?

It is curious, too, that after using Kale in the Tournament of Power, as a halfway remedy to bring Broly back, they decide to go so far now, even dedicating a movie to him for himself. Lack of ideas, or desire to do things well? Will it be worth it? For now, we will have to wait a bit to know the answer.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly to premiere in Japan next December 14, 2018, and hopefully it won't take much longer to reach the rest of the world. The launch of the first long trailer is also scheduled for July 19-20.

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