How to know if someone has tried to unlock your mobile

Have your mobile stolen not exactly a pleasant experience. If we find ourselves in this situation, we can always locate it and even erase its content remotely to prevent the disaster from being even greater.

But what if someone is just trying to access the phone without our consent? Sometimes accessing the information on the device is almost worse than having it stolen outright. Normally these types of activities are carried out when we leave the mobile unattended, and that is why applications like this are so useful Lockwatch.

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How to detect if someone is trying to unlock our Android mobile

Lockwatch is a free application for Android -with some premium functions that we will explain later- that sends us an alert whenever someone tries to unlock the mobile incorrectly.

Thus, if we are in the office and we go to the bathroom for 5 minutes, we will receive an informative email if a gossip colleague has entered a wrong pattern or PIN during our absence. Of course, it is also great if we have lost the phone, we have forgotten it in an establishment or we have been victims of a robbery.

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How Lockwatch works is really simple:

  • Once the application is installed, we open it and activate the "Send alert email”.
  • The system will ask us for the relevant access permissions, and once granted, we will indicate an email address where to receive the alerts.
  • If we click on the option "Number of unlock attempts”We can indicate the number of attempts allowed (1, 2 or 3).

At this point, we will have everything ready to receive alerts whenever someone tries to access our smartphone without our permission. It should be mentioned, of course, that Lockwatch will cancel the sending of the notification if the correct code is entered in less than 10 seconds.

As for the content of the alert email, it contains several really important pieces of information. On the one hand, it includes a photograph taken with the front camera during the unlock attempt, as well as a map with the device's GPS location. All this accompanied by the exact date and time of the moment in question.

To give us an idea, here is an example of the email we receive when one of these unsuccessful unlocking attempts is made.

Additional functions

As we mentioned at the beginning, a premium version is also available (€ 4.99) that includes some additional functionalities.

  • Detect if someone insert a new SIM on the phone.
  • Send an email if the thief turns off the phone without unlocking and turns it back on after a while.
  • The app takes 3 photos instead of just one.
  • Record 20 second audio while taking photos and recording the GPS location of the device.

The truth is that these extras are not bad at all, but they do not add enough value to switch to the payment plan (unless our phone is stolen every two by three). Personally, I think the free version is functional and powerful enough to stand on its own. A highly recommended app in order to improve the security of any Android device.

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