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When Microsoft released Windows 7 it removed the ability to run an .msi file as administrator when you right click on it. From the outset, which may not seem like a big problem, it is quite a hassle if you are a support technician and you have a computer captured remotely with an application such as VNC or Teamviewer and you need to run an .msi file as an administrator. How to do it without losing the connection or without logging in with a user with administrator permissions? Well, in order to run an .msi file as administrator in Windows 7 in a user session with standard permissions, there are two alternatives:

- Run the .msi as administrator in the command console

- Enable the "run as administrator" option with the right mouse button by installing a "plugin" provided by Microsoft.

Run MSI from command console

Go to C: \ Windows \ System32 and locate the file cmd.exe. Right-click (press "shift" while clicking if you want to run with another user) on the file and choose "Execute as an administrator«. Once the console is open, type the following command:

msiexec -i C: \ file_path \ file_name.msi


msiexec -i C: \ users \ android \ Desktop \ test.msi

Note that if there are blank spaces within the path, you have to put the path in quotation marks »» so that the system recognizes it.

If this method seems impractical, you can install a plugin that enables the option to install an .msi as administrator.

Enables the option to run an .msi as an administrator through a plugin

Microsoft released the following file:


Once installed, enable the "Run as administrator" option for files with an .msi extension.

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