Tronsmart Spunky Pro Wireless Headphones: Analysis and Opinion

We return to the reviews on the blog with the analysis of the headphones Spunky Pro by Tronsmart. At a first glance, we see that they are helmets that, on paper, offer a set of characteristics very similar to those of Apple's AirPods. If the device is up to the task, it can be a more than interesting alternative to consider, especially for those who are not willing to spend 180 euros on mobile headphones. But the question is, are they up to the task?

The truth is that here the manufacturer has opted to play it safe, adding a lot of functions. We had already seen many of these features in Tronsmart speakers (such as TWS and gesture control), so it is understandable that they also wanted to integrate them into their new flagship headphones.

Product characteristics

  • True Wireless Stereo.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity compatible with HSP, HFP, A2DP and AVRCP.
  • Case with 400mAh portable charger function.
  • 6mm drivers.
  • Gesture control.
  • Resistance to sweat and rain (IPX5).
  • Compatible with Voice Assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and other local assistants for Android.
  • 10 meter range.
  • Autonomy of 3 and a half hours (up to 18 hours using the charger in the case).
  • 35mAh battery in each earbud.

One of the greatest virtues of these Spunky Pro is the case that it includes to store the headphones, which tooused to load them "on the fly" when we are not using them, or when we are out and we have run out of battery. Offers up to 4 charges for each of the headphones. A case that in turn can be recharged through a USB Type-C port or using a Qi wireless charger.

Also included in the headphones are 2 microphones to answer calls using the hands-free function, and compatibility with the Google Assistant and Siri is offered.

User experience

After having spent several days testing the Spunky Pro, we must highlight the good ergonomics they present: they fit perfectly to the ear, showing very good grip. This helps sound cancellation is almost perfect, and consequently, you can appreciate all the details of the music much better without raising the volume.

The sound in general stands out for the clarity of the high notes with well-defined bass. The bass for its part is not extremely boosted, which for some may be a negative aspect, but this also helps a lot to be able to increase the volume without fear of distortion of the bass, something that more than one will surely appreciate.

The big key to these earpods however, is in their touch panel. There are no buttons: everything is controlled by small touches or pulsations on the surface of the headphones. With one touch we pause or resume playback, with 2 touches on the right earphone we go to the next song, 3 touches on the left serve to increase the volume, and so on. Which is still an innovation, but at first we may get a little trouble remembering how many touches were to do this or that. Once we learn the basic commands, things change without a doubt, being the most practical.

As for the microphone, we have also put it to the test using the hands-free function to receive calls, with a more than satisfactory result. We have also had no problem using the Google Assistant to make a couple of queries communicating through the headphones. Ultimately, we can use the mic knowing that we will be heard perfectly.

Opinion and final assessment

In general terms, we can say that the materials and components used are of very good quality. Although we are facing wireless headphones that we could classify as a mid-range due to its price, they offer first-rate functionalities and finishes. If you have tried other devices from the manufacturer, you will probably not be surprised in this regard. A highly recommended product for those who want to try the “AirPod” type headphone honeys at a much more reasonable price.

Tronsmart Spunky Pro wireless headphones currently have a price of 33.67 euros And they're available through Amazon, with free one-day shipping for Prime users.

Amazon | Buy Tronsmart Spunky Pro

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