Google Play Awards 2017: Best Apps of the Year

This same week Google just announced the Google Play awards to the best applications and games from the official Android store in 2017. The global award for the best application of the year went to Socratic, an app that helps us solve mathematical problems and equations simply by taking a photo of them.

The application also works with other subjects such as science, biology, history, English and many others. A well deserved award for a simply great app.

Download QR-Code Socratic Developer: Socratic Price: Free

2017 Google Play Awards for Best App: A Look at the Olympus of Android Apps

As for the rest of the winners, Google has chosen to divide them into categories, presenting 5 winners for each of them. Next, we attach a list with some of the most outstanding winners of this year (you can see the complete list HERE) in each of the advertised categories.

More entertaining

Among the winners in the category of "Most entertaining" we find Anchor:

Download QR-Code Anchor - Application to create podcasts Developer: Spotify Ltd. Price: Free

A platform for new voices, like yours. Listen to news summaries, user-created podcasts, and interactive radio shows. Also, you can cast your own.

Best social apps

For the category of best social applications we find some apps that are very interesting such as Cookpad Recipes:

Download QR-Code Home cooking recipes for free Developer: Cookpad Inc (UK) Price: Free

Find user-created recipes and easily post your own to this community of amateur chefs. Do you want to share your adventures as a chef or talk about cooking? You can post photos of the dishes you cook and start private or group chats.

Best applications for day to day

Among the best applications for day-to-day life include apps such as My Fitness by Jillian Michaels:

Download QR-Code Jillian Michaels: The Fitness App Developer: EM Digital LLC Price: Free

Work out like the famous with custom daily loops and Jillian demos to cheer you up with every move. You can also follow a personalized meal plan to achieve a higher level of well-being.

More innovative

In the section of the most innovative, applications such as Pinterest or Snapchat stand out, and others less known, but just as interesting or more, such as Be my eyes:

Download QR-Code Be My Eyes - Helping the blind Developer: Be My Eyes Price: Free

Good deeds matter no matter how small. Help a blind person using a live video connection or ask an international community of sighted users for help.

Best discoveries

Among the best discoveries of 2017 we welcome applications such as Libby, a fascinating digital library, essential for lovers of reading:

Download QR-Code Libby, by OverDrive Developer: OverDrive, Inc. Price: Free

Libby brings together the best of a library - free reading and endless options - with the convenience of the digital age. Receive loans for your library and immerse yourself in reading with the e-book reader and audiobook player integrated in the application.

Best for kids

In the category dedicated to the smallest of the house, Google has chosen to reward, among others, Star walk, an astronomy app for kids that has been highly rated by the community:

Download QR-Code Star Walk: Astronomy for Kids 💫 Star Map Developer: Vito Technology Price: Free

Astronomers of the future can learn about planets, constellations and much more at the observatory and movies, or by traveling into space with an astronaut cow.

More popular

Finally, in the ranking of the most popular applications, some interesting -and disturbing- applications such as FaceApp:

Download QR-Code FaceApp Developer: FaceApp Inc Price: Free

Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence with a simple touch: add a beautiful smile, age or rejuvenate the person in the photo, make yourself more attractive, change your gender and improve your selfie with attractive style filters.

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