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If you have been into video games since the beginning (or at least since the boom of the 80s), when there were not so many categories of games and these were based on a handful of pixels that danced to the tune of a devilish pattern to which beat, pay attention because this may interest you.

One of the genres that appeared around that time and that filled most (if not all) of the arcades of the time was the one commonly known as "Matamarcianos" and more technically like, Shoot'em up. Titles like, SpaceInvaders, Galaga, R-type or 1942 (WWII-themed) they are the culprits that we lost hours of life facing hordes of enemies equipped with the latest technology.

The beginning of a saga

Back in 2004, hand in hand with Infinite Dreams, appeared for the platform Symbian the game SkyForce. Game that, due to the success obtained, made idreams during its tenth anniversary it will publish in the Google Play Store Sky Force 2014. This new revision of the game that surprised by its graphics3D, showy landscapes with bright colors and a very complete improvement system for our ship.

The game proposed to face waves of enemies attacking us both by land, sea and air in the form of planes, tanks, ships and the classic final boss of turn (in the form of a giant war machine) throughout ten levels. In addition, for each of the levels, we would have to overcome the same four missions:

  • Eliminate 100% of the enemy ships.
  • Collect at least 70% of the stars.
  • Rescue all humans.
  • Beat the level without taking damage.

Once these tasks have been completed, we would have the possibility of playing the same level again in a more difficult version of it, reaching unlock a total of four difficulty levels, normal, hard, crazy and nightmare. With all this, we planted ourselves in a total of 40 levels, which would increase in demand and difficulty.

Another remarkable point of that game is the bonus acquisition system. Throughout the game, at each level andrandomly, a "letter" that we would have to collect which once the level is finished would give us an advantage. These bonuses could be from, decreased waiting time during ship upgrades or even have an extra ship in the hangar.

As if this were not enough, we had a tournament mode in which to compete with friends in a kind of "Survival mode" and check who got the highest score.

Never second parts were so good

If you play Sky Force 2014 you realize that, apart from the remarkable thing about the visual section, it is a very complete game. It has practically everything you could ask for in a Shoot'em up, so how do you improve it?

In 2016, idreams gave it a twist and based on the game system that made Sky Force 2014 great, it takes Sky Force Reloaded.

This "second part" of the game integrates all the mechanics of the previous game and adds a few new features that only raise the bar, already high, that its predecessor had set.

Improving the present

Leaving aside technical aspects such as graphic improvements or an increase in speed that provides greater playability, in this second part we find a own fleet of ships and an improved bonus system.

Now we have a total of nine ships. Each of them with its own characteristics ranging from increased health to increased firing rate or decreased time it takes to rescue humans.

We will start with the classic red ship from the previous game and We will unlock new ones after gathering the five parts that make up each of them. Parts will appear randomly as you play each level.

On the other hand, the bonus system like letters it remains renovated. If before we could collect cards that gave us permanent advantages, now another type is added letters that will provide us with advantages for a limited period of time.

As a novelty for this version, idreams has implemented some "Modifiers" that they will condition the games from the start. These modifiers can be acquired as we go getting diamonds by completing different objectives, eliminate a certain number of enemies, save as many humans, etc.

If you are passionate about "Matamarcianos" Or if you want to remember those arcade titles from the 80s that gave us so many hours of fun (also suffering), it is an essential game on your smartphone or tablet. And if not, give it a try because it sure won't let you down.

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