Super Mario Run for Android already has a release date

Super Mario Run, the newNintendo game for Android is already around the corner. Nintendo has since announced your official Twitter account what will finally be March the month in which we can enjoy the well-known game on Android, although unfortunately,has not specified the exact day yet in which it can be downloaded on Google Play. Therefore, and taking advantage of the time that remains until its release, we want to make a small compilation of everything we know about this long-awaited title for Android.

Do not think that it is the typical game ofMario who you have already played 3000 times. This time the popular character created byNintendo he is going to limit himself to running around the stage, and we for our part have to touch the screen with our finger so that he jumps, dodges objects, and of course, collecting everything we see (especially coins).

This is a point whereNintendohas established its focus: they want you to know thatyou will be able to play Mario with one hand.

40 million downloads on the App Store

Despite the figures that the new Super Mario installment handles, the play has not turned out especially well sinceonly 5% of users are willing to pay for continuing to play.

Sorry, did you say pay?

Indeed, the game ispartially free with purchasesin-appSuper mario runlets us play a series of levels, but not whole. If we want to finish Mario's storywe are going to have to go through the box and contribute 9.99. Bad move on the part of the developer, this time, although they sure have made a good box.

For Android, same procedure

We have no doubt that despite the number of users who are complaining through social networks,Super Mario Run is going to blow it.

Google, which is not stupid, knows the importance of such a launch in its operating system andhas had a pre-registration to notify you as soon as it is available to download.

Download QR-Code Super Mario Run Developer: Nintendo Co., Ltd. Price: Free

We will certainly be at the foot of the canyon to be thefirst to try it on Android and bring you a complete analysis.

In short, this will not be anotherPokemon go but we are sure that at an economic level it will have been very profitable and we hope that it will give us a few hours of fun.

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