The 10 most useful and recommended travel apps

I admit it. I am not a person who likes to travel too much. However, recently (due to my wedding with the other half of my “operating system”, you understand me) I have been traveling for a few days in Spain. Do you want to know what are the best apps to organize trips, travel cheaply, and, in short, really useful applications to travel and visit other cities in 2018 and 2019?

Almost all the apps that we will see below I have been using them first-hand in recent days, and I can assure you that they are the cane. In today's post, we review top 10 travel apps for Android. Do not lose sight of them!

10 apps that will make your life easier on your trips to Spain and other countries

Before starting, it should be clarified that, depending on our destination, some applications will work better than others according to their popularity. For example, if we go on vacation to the Basque Country, it is possible that Uber does not have as much acceptance, and therefore, we have to look for another similar app as an alternative to traveling by taxi.

Google maps

This is the most obvious recommendation of all. Say goodbye to cumbersome paper maps forever. With Google Maps you can not only see your location on the map and search for streets or drive on the highway. It also indicates the shortest route to reach your destination, combining metro lines, all types of public transport, buses, trains and walking tours. All this in real time and with detailed instructions. Ideal for moving in large and small cities.

A 100% indispensable application for traveling. Most likely, we already have it installed by default. If not, we can download it right down here.

Download QR-Code Maps - Navigation and Public Transport Developer: Google LLC Price: Free

If your mobile is a bit old or has little "chicha", you can also try the light version of Google Maps for Android.

Download QR-Code Google Maps Go: routes, traffic and transport Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


An essential tool to find accommodation at a good price. After using Airbnb for the first time a few days ago, I assure you that I will repeat. We can not only find cheap flats to spend a few days on vacation. The app also allows you to communicate with the landlord through a chat at any time, and the best thing: you can see the opinions of other people who have been in the place before. The best way to know that you are not being bullied.

Download QR-Code Airbnb Developer: Airbnb Price: Free


Another of the key points of a good trip are usually concerts, performances, exhibitions, theaters and other playful-festive paraphernalia. Eventbrite is a cultural agenda that allows us to know at a quick glance the events that will take place during certain dates in any city in the world.

The company bought “Ticketea” at the beginning of 2018, so now we can also buy tickets for a lot of activities directly from the app. Highly recommended, especially for large cities like Madrid, Paris or Dublin.

Download Eventbrite QR-Code - Discover events and fun nearby Developer: Eventbrite Price: Free


Although we do not use Uber when we are at home, it can be a good option when we are traveling. Regardless of the conflicts that exist in some countries with this service and others like Cabify, the truth is that currently Uber has more presence than ever (84 countries and more than 800 cities). The prices are generally lower than those of conventional taxis and the service is quite good, really.

Download QR-Code Uber - Request a ride Developer: Uber Technologies, Inc. Price: Free

WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet

Travel often involves buying flights, boarding passes, concert tickets, and more. Although we can always print the ticket or ticket in question, we can also save it in digital format and make use of it directly from the mobile.

In Android, these types of banknotes are normally stored in the (.PKPASS) format, and that is precisely what WalletPasses does: read and manage these types of files. With this application we can store all our tickets and show them at the box office without using a paper ticket. Easy and practical, as it has to be.

Download QR-Code WalletPasses | Passbook Wallet Developer: Wallet Passes Alliance Price: Free

Where is Public Toilet

Speaking of practical apps, “Where is Public Toilet"Should take a medal. With this application we can know at all times where are the nearest public toilets. If we don't want to go into a bar to have a drink just to be able to use the toilet and take a pee, we can install WiPT and try our luck.

In my city, which is not very big, it is quite accurate pointing out all the toilets in the area. Its score on Google Play is also quite high (4.4 stars) so it seems like a more than reliable app for a time of need.

Download QR-Code Where is Public Toilet Developer: sfcapital Price: Free

Wifi Map

When we are traveling, as important (or even more) than knowing where there is a public toilet is knowing where to find free wifi. For that we have applications such as WiFi Master Key or the WiFi Map itself, two tools that show us a map with all the free wireless networks at our fingertips.

WiFi Map has a database with more than 100 million free WiFis and hotspots. One of its key points is that it allows download all WiFi passwords for a specific city, to be able to consult them later without connection. Bravo.

Download QR-Code WiFi Map® - Free Internet with passwords WiFi Developer: WiFi Map LLC Price: Free

Google translator

Next to Microsoft Translate, Google Translate is probably the best offline translator for mobiles out there. If we focus with the camera can translate texts and images that we see on the screen, it has a very good voice translator that also reads aloud what it translates in real time, and we can also enter the text to be translated manually. Highly recommended for trips abroad, when we do not control the native language very well.

Download QR-Code Google Translate Developer: Google LLC Price: Free


Skyscanner is a meta search engine that helps us find cheap flights to any destination in the world. It is similar to Google Flights, but more careful and with a much more positive evaluation by the community. A highly recommended application to search for hotels and rent cars, all in one, from a centralized search engine.

Download QR-Code Skyscanner - flights, hotels and car rental Developer: Skyscanner Ltd Price: Free

XE Currency

XE Currency is one of the best Currency and exchange rate converters for Android. Do you have any doubts about how many euros are 128 pounds? Do you need to go from pesos to dollars and have the head for little nonsense? When we travel abroad and have to deal with another currency, it is very easy to lose count. For those cases, the best thing is to install one of these practical converters for the mobile.

Download QR-Code XE Currency - Money Transfers and Converter Developer: Inc. Price: Free

Alpify Safe365

This application is especially suitable if we travel with children and the elderly. It is an app that allows us know the exact GPS location of a person in real time, thanks to your mobile. It also has a panic button that when pressed puts us in contact with the emergency services. Highly recommended for family trips to busy places.

Download QR-Code Safe365❗App for the care of your elders and more Developer: Safe365 Price: Free

And what do you think? If you know of any other recommended application to go on a trip, do not hesitate to go through the comments area.

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