How to open multiple files simultaneously in Windows 10

In Windows we can program applications to start at startup by default. If we work on it a bit, we can also make the system open a certain document once we have logged in. How? Well, creating a direct access to the file in the folder "AppData \ Roaming \ Microsoft \ Windows \ Start Menu”Within our user profile.

These are the options offered by Microsoft, OK. But what happens, then, if what we want is open multiple files or programs simultaneously, no need to boot into Windows startup? The easiest thing is to install "Open Multiple Files”.

Open Multiple Files is an application for Windows that allows us to create lists with programs, documents or URLs, and execute them all at once, at the moment that we decide.

How to open multiple files and documents at the same time in Windows 10

The first thing we have to do is download the program and install it on our computer. Once we have opened it, we just have to click on the button "Add”To add all the elements that we want to group: programs, documents, folders, subfolders or URLs.

There is no restriction on the type of files that we can add to the list. They can be both shortcuts and .EXE files, Open Multiple Files is capable of executing them. Once we have added all the elements, we can save the list from "File -> Save”.

To execute all the elements of the list at the same time, just click on the button «Open Multiple Files».

The purpose of the application is to help us automate the opening of all files necessary for the project we are working on. Thus, for example, if we are making a presentation for work, the application is capable of opening Power Point, Excel, 2 Word documents, a PDF and a couple of informative web pages to have everything ready in no time. Something that can save us a lot of time if we are used to working with various tools and documents.

In this way, we can create unified lists for different tasks, and load them whenever we need from "File -> Load”.

One detail to keep in mind is that open several files and programs at the same time can slow down our team. Something that will be especially noticeable if we have an old PC or too many files opening simultaneously. In any case, a very easy to use and really practical tool.

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