YOKATV KB2 PRO in analysis, great TV Box with ROOT and 3GB RAM

In today's review we return to the world of Android TV Boxes with the device YOKATV KB2 PRO. A multimedia box that presents exactly the same hardware as the MECOOL BB2 PRO that I have in the living room, which has given me quite a few joys to date. What does the YOKATV TV Box offer us then? Let's take a look!

Before starting, we must clarify that we are facing a high-end Chinese TV Box within the proposals that come to us from the Asian continent. It is not an NVIDIA Shield TV - it is not worth 200 euros either - but it is one of the best that currently exists in stores like GearBest or AliExpress to bring Android to the home TV.

YOKATV KB2 PRO in review, a safe bet with 3GB of RAM, a powerful CPU and several interesting applications pre-installed

The downside of many of the Chinese TV Boxes that we see today is that the quality of the device is usually quite in line with its price. Pure logic, right? There are not many surprises there: if you buy a cheap box you get a moderate performance that often leads to constant problems. The YOKATV KB2 PRO is a device that, without being perfect, does offer some security when it comes to meeting the needs of a standard user. But let's go by parts ...

Design and manufacturing

The YOKATV KB2 PRO features an elegant finish, with a striking gray casing, and a logo that lights up and turns blue when we start the device (and red when it is turned off). The materials with which it is made are of a higher than average quality, which, at least I, I greatly appreciate. Without a doubt, it is a TV Box that stands out in the aesthetic section. Simple but nice.

Power and performance

The YOKATV KB2 PRO equips a processor Amlogic S912 Octa Core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU running at 1.5GHz, Mali-T820 GPU, 3GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage space expandable with Android 6.0 as an operating system.

It is not very common to find TV Boxes with 32GB of internal storage, which means that we will be able to watch large torrents in streaming, or install all kinds of classic video game ROMs without fear of running out of space.

The KB2 PRO is capable of playing content in 4K at 60fps, and it supports HDR which is great, as well as having H.265 HEVC. If we have a good TV we will be able to get a really good performance from it.

In general we can say that it has a high quality processor such as the Amlogic S912 and its RAM and storage only reinforce the entire set to deliver fluid performance of applications in most situations.

Applications and functionality

Although it is not indicated in the product sheet, from what I have seen in different forums, the YOKATV KB2 PRO includes serial root permissions. On the other hand, the TV Box comes pre-installed with the following applications:

Netflix works correctly, and if we have to find any problem, we could say that it shows some problems with the Movistar + app: sometimes it closes unexpectedly when we try to jump forward in the playback of a track (although if we play content "without more" it works fine ). Other applications such as YouTube, Spotify or emulators perform perfectly without major complaint to highlight.

Ports and connectivity

The KB2 PRO incorporates 2 USB ports, micro SD card slot, HDMI, AV, optical port and LAN port. It has Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and Supports WiFi ac and Dual Band (2.4G / 5G) networks.

The truth is that connectivity is a great point in favor of this TV Box, since it is not usual to find devices with so many functions in this sense as the YOKATV box.

Price and availability

The Android TV Box YOKATV KB2 PRO has a price of € 78.73, about $ 95 to change on GearBest. A higher price that in this case is compensated by the high quality of the components of this device.

Opinion and final assessment of the YOKATV KB2 PRO

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Is it worth buying a TV Box like this? Honestly, if we opt for much cheaper alternatives and we plan to use it intensively, beyond playing videos from pen drives or similar, it is most likely that we will end up frustrated. If we are looking for something with an above-average performance and that gives us some confidence, the KB2 PRO is one of the best options available today.

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