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Have you ever thought about playing the Playstation 4 from your Android phone? For some time Sony allowed to play the PS4 from an Android Smartphone, but with the limitation that the phone had to be from one's own house, that is, only worked with some Sony phones. Up to now.

As you know, the gamer community of developers has always been very active, and for a few months now they have made a mod available to the public that allows you to play your PS4 from any Android device. You can play either only with the phone / tablet or use the control of the console. If you play with a relatively small Smartphone, we recommend using the console controller, since otherwise the buttons appear on the same game screen, and it may be impractical.

This mod of the original apk has been developed and published by twisted89 on the xda-developers website, so any questions or thanks you can do in the thread they have prepared for this purpose. From El Android Feliz we only want to disseminate this information and that it reaches the largest number of gamers possible for its use and enjoyment.

As the author of the mod comments, this is a modification of the app Official PS4 Remote Play App for Android and consists of a single APK file that can be installed on any device that meets the following requirements:


  • Android 4.2 or higher (NOTE: Emulators are not supported and unlikely to work with any Android device below 4.2)
  • Have the PS4 correctly configured to play remotely (you can do it from HERE)

Mod Features

  • APK signature checking and Root disabled.
  • Connection speed checking disabled.
  • WiFi checking disabled.
  • XML / JAR dependencies disabled.
  • Minimum required SDK downgraded to 4.0.
  • Screenshot / Recording Restrictions Disabled.

Installation instructions

  • Download the APK file (you have it at the end of the post in the downloads section).
  • Copy the APK file to your Android device and install it (in case you downloaded the APK from your home computer).

USB OTG setup instructions for Dualshock

  • Connect the Dualshock 4 to your Android device using a USB OTG cable.
  • Make sure you can navigate the device using the controller.
  • Launch the remoteplay. A message will appear requesting permission on the USB. You accept.
  • Launch the Remote Play app, and once connected you should be able to control your PS4 with the Dualshock that you just configured.

Dualshock setup via Bluetooth

  • Download and install the Sixaxis Controller App from the Google PlayStore (click HERE).
  • Follow the app's instructions to pairing with your remote.
  • Make sure that in the Sixaxis app preferences "Enable Gamepad”Is marked (inside“Gamepad Settings”)
  • Edit the button mapping in Sixaxis so that X = A, Circle = B, Square = X, and Triangle = Y.
  • Launch the Remote Play app and you're done.

LTE setup / Error 8801e209

  • This totally depends on your internet operator, but in principle all you have to do is create a new name for the Access point (from connection settings -> more networks -> mobile networks -> Access point names) with the same information you have now. It is simply creating a new connection with a different name.
  • When you get to the APN protocol settings, use IPV4 instead of IPV6.

Known issues

  • If Sixaxis does not map the buttons correctly, take a look at the Bluetooth settings above.
  • PS button and touchpad only works with USB OTG cable, Sixaxis does not support these buttons.


Version 3.4



RemotePlayPortITBV3.4.apk (Invisible touch buttons) thanks to @ Leonidas87



RemotePlayPortITBV3.4.apk (Invisible touch buttons) thanks to @ Leonidas87

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