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Radio seems an almost archaic medium today. However, new technologies, and in this case, Android, offer us an experience that goes beyond the simple radio station. Have radio programs on demand, stations from all corners of the planet and thematic podcasts about whatever our favorite hobby is.

In today's post, we review top 10 radio apps for Android.

The 10 best radio apps for Android

There are a thousand and one ways to listen to our favorite music on your mobile or tablet. Streaming music from platforms like Spotify and the like is fine, but sometimes you don't feel like searching for playlists and choosing songs every two or three.

Both for these cases, and for those mentioned in the entry of the post, we have a good handful of radio apps for Android. And remember: many terminals still include the internet FM radio app installed by default. Basic but functional like few others. Do not lose sight of it!

FM Radio - Free Stations

Radio FM is one of the most popular radio apps for mobiles. It allows us to listen to thousands of stations broadcasting live: more than 30,000 stations from 190 countries, to be more specific.

We can listen to our local radios, save favorites, program automatic on and off, as well as browse stations according to their genre (pop, rock, jazz, country, top 40, news, etc.).

Download QR-Code Radio FM - Free Stations Developer: RadioFM Price: Free

More than 10 million users and a high score of 4.3 on Google Play support this interesting free radio app for Android. is a radio application for Android that has been achieving notable success in recent times. More than 30,000 stations, with local radios and from various countries, editor's recommendations, category searches, timer, and Google Cast support.

An app with an attractive design and a lot of potential. More than 10 million downloads on Android and a remarkable 4.2 star rating on Google Play attest to this.

Download in Google Play Store.

TuneIn Radio

We already talked about TuneIn Radio in our particular top of the best apps to listen to music in streaming. One of the most complete applications today, with local and international stations, news channels, podcasts, sports stations and thousands of music genres.

An online radio with more than 100 million downloads, which, in its paid version, offers other very appreciated extra features such as the possibility of making recordings. TuneIn, an essential.

Download QR-Code TuneIn Radio: Sports, News, Music, Podcasts Developer: TuneIn Inc Price: Free


Accuradio is a very unique radio app. On the one hand, it has more than 1000 channels. But the really curious thing is that it allows us to customize each of its stations, skip songs, rate them and, above all, block and ban artists and songs. In this way, we can get to a point where we will only listen to music that we really like.

Download QR-Code AccuRadio Developer: AccuRadio Price: Free


iVoox is the best app to listen to podcasts in Spanish. So clear. It has an infinity of audios, with programs from a multitude of general and local radios. In addition to being free, it offers a pack of configurations and functions that progressively improves over time.

With iVoox we can create playlists, subscribe to channels, review listening history, download programs, suggestions, genre classification and much more. Highly recommended.

Download QR-Code Podcast & Radio iVoox - Listen and download for free Developer: iVoox Podcast and Radio Price: Free

Radio Spain FM

A simple app that has its corresponding versions for other countries such as Mexico, Peru, Argentina or Chile. In the Spanish version, for example, we have access to national stations such as Onda Cero, Kiss FM, Cadena SER, COPE, Radio Marca and a good bunch of local radios and stations. If they are not all there, little is missing. For those who want to listen to the radio without complications.

Among its features, it allows to know the 20 most listened to stations, save favorites and automatic shutdown function. A completely free app - with integrated ads, we are not free of that.

Download QR-Code Radio España FM Developer: RadioFMapp Price: Free


Audials is another classic when it comes to listening to the radio from your mobile. Its great asset is the 80,000 channels it has and a wide range of configurations. One of its most outstanding functions is the possibility of listening to songs or programs and record them in MP3 or ACC format on our SD card or in the cloud.

It is compatible with Chromecast, Android Auto and has an equalizer, timer and automatic alarm clock. In addition, it is 100% free (there is also a Pro version without ads).

Download QR-Code Radio Player by Audials Developer: Audials Radio Software Price: Free

PC Radio Online

PC Radio Online is the radio app for those who do not have a very good Internet connection. It is energy efficient - it uses little battery - and consumes little data, which allows us to use it in areas with little coverage.

It has hundreds of generalist stations divided by musical categories (electro, dance, rock etc.). It also has an equalizer and a good number of adjustments.

Download QR-Code Radio Online - PCRADIO Developer: PCRADIO Price: Free

Pocket Casts

Without a doubt, the best application to listen to podcasts together with iVoox. Pocket Casts, on the other hand, is paid, and is aimed at the non-Spanish-speaking public - which is in English. However, it is a benchmark app in the world of podcasts and its quality is indisputable.

Among its wide variety of functions allows you to “remove” silences in podcasts, modify playback speeds and is also compatible with Chromecast, Android Auto and Android Wear.

Download QR-Code Pocket Casts - Podcast Player Developer: Podcast Media LLC Price: Free

XiiaLive - Internet Radio

XiiaLive is an Internet radio app with a huge wardrobe: more than 50,000 stations! If with that we do not have enough, the app also allows us to add other stations via URL.

It has a very attractive design and a large number of functionalities, such as equalizer, favorites, themes, data connection settings, etc. A fairly powerful and functional app to listen to the radio from your mobile.

Download QR-Code XiiaLive ™ - Radio Internet Developer: Visual Blasters LLC Price: Free

And what do you say? What are your favorite apps to listen to the radio on Android?

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