How to turn your Android into a gamepad or WiFi controller for PC

The Android smartphones and tablets they have more and more profits. They no longer only serve us manage other household devices such as the TV acting as a remote control. We can also use our mobile to fulfill the functions of mouse for pc or as in the case that we want to talk to you today, as gamepad or PC video game controller.

How to use an Android smartphone as a game controller (Windows / Linux / Mac)

Android mobile devices often have a touch screen, so why not turn them into virtual gamepad for our desktop PC? We can connect via WiFi to our home network and establish a connection with our desktop computer. Everything else is handled by the app Max Remote.

Max Remote for Android: virtual gamepad over WiFi and much more

Max Remote is an Android app that turns our device into a virtual video game controller for PC. It is very easy to use, and for it to work we only have to meet these 2 requirements:

  • That the Android device and the PC are connected to the same network.
  • Run the server application on the PC so that the connection with the device is established automatically.

The first step will be to install the Max Remote app. It is a free app and we can download it at no cost from Google Play.

Register QR-Code Max Remote - Developer Computer: Price: To be announced

Next we must install the application (Max Remote Server) that will act as a server on our desktop computer. We can download the program from the developer's own website.

Clarify that this program is compatible with Windows, Linux and Mac, and that also has a portable version for Windows. Therefore, if we are using the Microsoft system we will not even have to install the server on the PC, it will be enough to run the portable version and that's it.

Once installed and run Max Remote Server We just have to open the app on our Android terminal so that the connection between the 2 devices is automatically established.

Different types of controllers: NES, SNES, PS3 etc.

Max Remote Allows you to adapt the buttons and on-screen joystick to different models of controllers, from the classic NES, going through the SNES, N64, or PS3, among others.

I have noticed that in some games some buttons do not work well. If we have this problem, it is only a matter of finding a controller configuration that fits our game. The truth is that there are many types of controllers, so it would be strange if none of them work (it has not happened to me yet).

On the other hand, the application gives us the possibility of create our own custom controller, so if we are not satisfied with any of the presented we can create and customize one completely from scratch.

Other Max Remote Features

This app is capable of emulating different types of devices, so we can also use it for different specific tasks such as:

  • Basic Input (mouse and keyboard)
  • Browser
  • VLC Player
  • GimpPad
  • CorelPad
  • Power (shutdown, restart, hibernate ...)
  • Media Player Classic
  • Text Transfer
  • NumPad (Numeric Keypad)
  • Windows Media Player
  • Youtube
  • Slide presentation
  • Run

In any case, let's keep in mind that the tactile feeling is never going to be like having a real gamepad with its joystick, its crosshead and corresponding buttons, but to play a few games from time to time is not bad at all.

Other gamepad alternatives for PC from Android

If we have problems with Max Remote we can also choose other alternatives such as Ultimate Gamepad. Its operation is practically identical to that of the Max Remote.

Download QR-Code Ultimate Gamepad Developer: NEGU Soft Price: Free
  • We install the app on the mobile.
  • We install the programUltimate Control Receiver in the computer. There are versions compatible with both Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • We connect the mobile via wifi or bluetooth.
  • We establish a connection from the Ultimate Gamepad app and control the PC with the virtual gamepad that appears on the screen.

The design and interface are a bit outdated, and it is quite logical since the app has not been updated since 2016. In any case, its performance is reasonably good, so it can be an alternative to consider.

PC Remote

Lastly, we also have another gamepad emulator called PC Remote which is worth keeping a close eye on. In fact, its utilities go much further, being able to use the mobile gyroscope to turn the device as if it were a steering wheel in driving games.

It also allows streaming from the computer screen to our Android device, as well as using an arcade stick emulator. You can see some of its qualities in action in the following video.

If we are interested in trying it, we can download it for free from the Google Play Store.

Download QR-Code PC Remote Developer: Monect Price: Free

Thanks for staying until the end!

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