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If there is any show that has stealthily grown in popularity to become one of the biggest hits in recent years, that must certainly be the one. Hamilton by Lin-Manuel Miranda when we have the information. A musical theater work that stands out for its catchy compositions, halfway between hip-hop and R&B, where the personal and political experiences of Alexander Hamilton, founding father and US Secretary of the Treasury, are narrated. Composed and starring Lin-Manuel himself, the show has been catapulted to worldwide success since its Broadway premiere back in 2015.

Although Hamilton is a musical that for years has only been enjoyed live in theaters, its enormous popularity has meant that the show has finally arrived as well. to streaming platforms.

How to watch Hamilton online in Spain, the United States and other countries

Is currently Disney + the platform that has Hamilton's online streaming rights. For a few weeks the platform has stopped offering the 7-day free trial period, so we will have to pay the almost 7 euros (or dollars, if we access from the USA) that the one-month subscription costs to be able to enjoy the successful musical.

Taking into account what a theater ticket costs, it is still a very affordable price, with the addition that, incidentally, we can also enjoy the entire Disney + catalog with its Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar films and other productions of the Mickey Mouse company.

So no: there is no way to watch Hamilton for free and legally right now. Although on the positive side, after registering on the platform to prepare this post, we have been able to verify that the quality of the product is very careful. On the one hand streaming is offered in 4K Ultra HD quality, with a very careful production, recorded live in New York in June 2016, with a duration of 2 hours and 40 minutes. As it is a live musical, the work is broadcast in its original version, although today it still only has English subtitles. We hope that Disney + will solve it by adding its corresponding subtitles in Spanish, for those who like us want to enjoy it fully from other Spanish-speaking countries.

Hamilton on the web: other interesting content

The success of Hamilton has caught more than one by surprise, although already in 2017 we could see how in the entire season 9 of Larry David's series -Curb your Enthusiasm- Lin-Manuel himself was a recurring character, playing himself while trying to perform the musical "Fatwa." If we have already seen Hamilton without a doubt these are some episodes that we should not lose sight of, not because of the references to Hamilton themselves but because of the great humor that each of the chapters of this series exude. In addition, unlike Disney + HBO still offers a free 2-week trial period allowing us to watch the entire season at once without shelling out a penny.

On other platforms such as YouTube we also find interesting content, such as the Hamilton Soundtrack that has become so popular with the public - a soundtrack that is also on Spotify, by the way - and other interesting videos made by fans of the musical. The Hamilton book is also available on Amazon, as well as the CD Hamilton (Original Broadway Cast Recording) and the sheet music book with the original compositions of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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