How to watch the 2018 Soccer World Cup (Russia) online and live

This Thursday, June 14, the 2018 World Cup. The World Cup in Russia is presented as the great sporting event of the year, and will undoubtedly be a must for all sports lovers. If you are wanting to see the championship games live, but you can't watch them from your home TV, or you don't know where they broadcast it, don't worry. Today, we will go over all the methods available to watch the 2018 World Cup online, online and live from mobile, tablet or PC. We started!

How to watch the 2018 World Cup in Russia online (Mexico, Spain, Argentina, USA, etc.)

If we are followers of La Roja, Brazil or the Argentine national team, we will surely be eager to see our team's game live and direct. There will be many who will not want to miss the games of Mexico, the England team or the German team itself. Without a doubt, the television summaries are good, but nothing better than enjoying it first hand. Even if it is from our Android, iPhone, or PC.

# 1 Live broadcast of all matches from the Mitele and Mediaset Sport app

In Spain, Mediset is the one who has once again obtained the broadcasting rights for the Soccer World Cup. Therefore, all the matches of the 2018 Russian championship will be broadcast live through Telecinco, Cuatro and beMad.

This is very good news, as Mediaset has on-demand television for mobiles and tablets. The app is called Mitele, and it will broadcast the 64 games of the World Cup for free and live. A totally free application that is available for both Android and iOS.

Download QR-Code Mitele - TV on demand Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free Download QR-Code Mitele - TV on demand Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free

Mediaset also has another app to watch the World Cup from your mobile. It's called the FIFA World Cup Mediaset and it's available for both Android and iOS.

Download QR-Code Deportes Cuatro - Mediaset Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free Download QR-Code Deportes Cuatro - Mediaset Developer: Mediaset España Price: Free

If our intention is to follow the World Cup online from a mobile device, this is the simplest and most practical way to do it.

# 2 In the US, the World Cup in Russia will be broadcast in streaming on Fox and Telemundo

For users who live in the USA and want to enjoy the 64 matches of the FIFA World Cup live, they can do so via streaming. If you have a PC or laptop, you can do it through the website of Fox Sports, or from Telemundo Sports.

On the Fox Sports website, from where they will broadcast all the matches live, they have their own section for the World Cup. You can access from your browser through the following LINK.

The FOX sports channel also has an app, so another way to see the qualifying matches, semifinals and others, is by downloading its app. An application that, by the way, has a very good rating from Android users and more than 5 million downloads.

Register QR-Code FOX Sports: Latest Stories, Scores & Events Developer: FOX Sports Interactive Price: To be announced Download QR-Code FOX Sports: Watch Live Developer: FOX Sports Interactive Price: Free

Telemundo Deportes is another of the channels that will broadcast the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 in streaming for free. We can watch the matches from a laptop, or using the Telemundo Deportes app. The great point in favor of this chain is that it also has an application for Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast, in addition to the usual Android and iOS.

All the live matches of Telemundo Deportes and the download links of its app can be found on its official page HERE.

# 3 The Soccer World Cup in Mexico on Televisa Deportes, in Argentina and Peru on DirecTV

In other Spanish-speaking countries, such as Mexico, Peru or Argentina, the broadcast of the championship will be done through the following channels:

  • Mexico: SKY México, Televisa Deportes and TV Azteca. We can follow the games live through the Televisa Deportes app.
  • Argentina: Argentine Public Television, TyC Sports, DirecTV Sports.
  • Colombia: Caracol, RCN, DirecTV Sports.
  • chili: Channel 13, TVN, Mega, DirecTV Sports.
  • Peru: Latina (channel 2 of open signal), DirecTV Sports.

DirecTV Sports has its own website and the DirecTV Play app from where the 64 matches of the championship will be broadcast online and live. Of course, it is a premium service. In any case, if we are interested, the company offers prepaid kits with daily or monthly recharge.

4 # Other alternatives to watch the World Cup in Russia online from Argentina

As we mentioned in the previous point, Argentina fans, in addition to DirectTV, can also follow the World Cup live from the official website of Public TV (HERE). The chain has the rights to broadcast all the matches of its selection, so some can be seen from here.

TyC Sports It will also broadcast up to 32 games live and open. We can visit your website HERE, or download its application for Android and iOS (which by the way, is compatible with Chromecast).

Find out about all the results from Google

If in the end we are not going to be able to see a game but we want to keep informed of the results, we can do it from Google directly. Without having to enter any specific page, we just have to do a search type «World Cup 2018»Or a similar term.

In this way, Google will show us a table with all the results and matches of the FIFA World Cup. In addition, if we click on a match, a new window will open with data as significant as the line-up of each team, a brief summary, statistics and other news.

All the details and minute by minute on the FIFA website

Finally, another of the sources that we cannot miss is the official FIFA website. We will not only find updated information on each game that is being played. The web is full of news and reports that bring a lot of life to the championship, as well as a lot of photos and videos related to the celebration of the World Cup.

Warning: be careful with data consumption if we watch the games from the mobile

A game viewed in streaming has a significant data consumption. If our intention is to watch the championship online from the phone, it is totally advisable to hook up to a WiFi network first.

To give us an idea, a 90 minute game can consume about 750 MB. If we also watch the broadcast in HD (through the Mitele app, for example), it can easily overcome the Giga.

Date and time of all the 2018 World Cup matches

To finish, below, I leave you a list of all the matches that will be held in the 2018 Russian soccer world championship. Next to each match the broadcast time (Spanish) and the channel from which they are broadcast are indicated. Remember that, although Telecinco / Cuatro / beMad is indicated, they are all available from the Mitele app from Mediaset and Mediaset Sport.

First phase

Thursday June 14

  • Russia v Saudi Arabia, 5 pm, Telecinco

Friday June 15

  • Egypt - Uruguay, 14 hours, Four
  • Morocco v Iran, 5 pm, Four
  • Portugal - SPAIN, 20 hours, Telecinco

Saturday June 16

  • France - Australia, 12 hours, Telecinco
  • Argentina - Iceland, 15 hours, Four
  • Peru - Denmark, 6 pm, Four
  • Croatia v Nigeria, 9 pm, Telecinco
  • Sunday June 17
  • Costa Rica - Serbia, 14 hours, Four
  • Germany - Mexico, 5:00 p.m., Four
  • Brazil - Switzerland, 8 pm, Telecinco

Monday June 18

  • Sweden v South Korea, 2 p.m., Four
  • Belgium - Panama, 17 hours, Four
  • Tunisia - England, 8 pm, Telecinco

Tuesday June 19

  • Colombia - Japan, 2pm, Four
  • Poland - Senegal, 5pm, Four
  • Russia - Egypt, 8 pm, Telecinco

Wednesday June 20

  • Portugal - Morocco, 14 hours, Four
  • Uruguay - Saudi Arabia, 5:00 p.m., Four
  • Iran - SPAIN, 20 hours, Telecinco

Thursday June 21

  • Denmark v Australia, 14 hours, Four
  • France - Peru, 5pm, Four
  • Argentina - Croatia, 20 hours, Telecinco

Friday June 22

  • Brazil - Costa Rica, 14 hours, Four
  • Nigeria v Iceland, 17 hours, Four
  • Serbia - Switzerland, 20 hours, Telecinco

Saturday June 23

  • Belgium - Tunisia, 14 hours, Four
  • South Korea - Mexico, 5:00 p.m., Four
  • Germany - Sweden, 20 hours, Telecinco

Sunday June 24

  • England - Panama, 14 hours, Four
  • Japan - Senegal, 5:00 p.m., Four
  • Poland - Colombia, 20 hours, Telecinco

Monday June 25

  • Arabia - Saudi - Egypt, 16 hours, Be Mad
  • Uruguay - Russia, 16 hours, Four
  • SPAIN - Morocco, 20 hours, Telecinco
  • Iran - Portugal, 20 hours, Be Mad

Tuesday June 26

  • Denmark v France, 16 hours, Four
  • Australia - Peru, 16 hours, Be Mad
  • Iceland - Croatia, 20 hours, Be Mad
  • Nigeria - Argentina, 8 pm, Telecinco

Wednesday June 27

  • South Korea v Germany, 16 hours, Four
  • Mexico - Sweden, 16 hours, Be Mad
  • Serbia - Brazil, 20 hours, Telecinco
  • Switzerland - Costa Rica, 20 hours, Be Mad

Thursday June 28

  • Senegal - Colombia, 16 hours, Four
  • Japan - Poland, 16 hours, Be Mad
  • England - Belgium, 20 hours, Telecinco
  • Panama - Tunis, 20 hours, Be Mad

Round of 16

Saturday June 30

  • 1C-2D, 16 hours, Four
  • 1A-2B, 20 hours, Telecinco

Sunday July 1

  • 1B-2A, 16 hours, Four
  • 1D-2C, 20 hours Telecinco

Monday July 2

  • 1E-2F, 16 hours, Four
  • 1G-2H, 20 hours, Telecinco

Tuesday July 3

  • 1F-2E, 16 hours, Four
  • 1H-2G, 20 hours, Telecinco

Quarter finals

Wednesday 6th July

  • 16 hours, Four
  • 20 hours, Telecinco

Thursday July 7

  • 16 hours, Four
  • 20 hours, Telecinco


Tuesday July 10

  • 16 hours, Telecinco
  • 20 hours, Telecinco

Wednesday July 11

  • 16 hours, Telecinco
  • 20 hours, Telecinco

Third and fourth place

Saturday July 14

  • 16 hours, Telecinco
  • 20 hours, Telecinco


Sunday, July 15 at 5:00 p.m. on Telecinco

And now it's your turn, what is your favorite team to win this World Cup? Are you planning to watch all the matches of your national team? What game are you looking forward to the most? For that and more, do not hesitate to visit the comments area.

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