Ulefone Power 3S in review, the "light" version of the Power 3 with 6350mAh

The Ulefone Power 3S It is the "light" version of the successful Power 3. And I say "light" in quotes, because the only thing that has really been lowered has been the 6GB of RAM, some resolution in the rear camera and the price of the terminal. In return, they have increased the battery even more, in a mobile that is already quite wild in this sense.

In today's review we take a look at the Ulefone Power 3S, a terminal with a powerful 6350mAh battery and a set of features that will delight lovers of consistent and well-crafted mobiles.

Ulefone Power 3S in analysis, a new model that polishes and retouches some aspects of the original

I can imagine the designers and engineers at the Ulefone facility. "Hmmm ... the Power 3S is fine, we have put everything we could and more into it, but people only talk about its battery." "Hey, what if we lowered the RAM and the camera a bit, and so we sell it for a much lower price?" "Sounds good. And by the way, we reinforce the drums a little more… they will be left with a crooked ass ”.

The best of all is that They have also managed to reduce the weight of the phone a bit. It is still a terminal that shows in your pocket, but at least they have lightened it a bit.

Design and display

The Ulefone Power 3S mounts the same screen as the Power 3. A 6.0-inch screen that occupies almost the entire front panel, with an aspect ratio of 18: 9 and a Full HD + resolution of 2160x1080p. The screen is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4 and it has 2 cameras and an LED flash located in the upper margin.

At the back we find a matte finish housing and 2 more cameras accompanied by the essential fingerprint detector. At the design level, it is exactly the same as its predecessor.

For the rest, the Power 3S has dimensions of 15.90 x 7.59 x 0.98 cm and a weight of 205 grams (5 grams lighter than the original).

Power and performance

In the internal components is where we see some more change. We have the same processor and the same internal space, but the RAM has been reduced from 6GB to 4GB. A figure that is closer to current standards and that helps them to remove a few euros from the final price of the phone.

The Power 3S wears a CPU Helio P23 Octa Core 2.0GHz, with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage expandable up to 256GB via SD. All this accompanied by Android 7.1 (there will be an update to Android Oreo), Bluetooth 4.1 and the new facial unlocking function known as Face ID.

Camera and battery

The new Ulefone terminal equips a quad camera manufactured by Samsung. On the front we have two lenses of 13MP + 5MP with flash, and in the back another double camera a little more powerful of 16MP + 5MP with PDAF and dual flash. A rear camera below the 21MP + 5MP interpolated from the Power 3, but which is close to a very good level compared to other similarly priced mobiles.

As for the battery, as we have already mentioned at the beginning, they have put on their boots a little more if possible, increasing the previous 6080mAh to 6350mAh. We hold the load by USB type C and the function of fast charge. It goes without saying that we are facing one of the most powerful mobiles on the market in terms of autonomy (4 days of normal use according to the manufacturer). There are not many who can overshadow it in this regard.

Additional features

The Ulefone Power 3S incorporates several extras. On the one hand, the box includes a cover and a protective sheet for the screen, something that is always appreciated. In addition to that there is also a USB Type-C to microUSB adapter, and another small USB Type-C to 3.5mm mini jack adapter to be able to listen to music without problems with or without cables.


Price and availability

One of the best features of this device is its price. The Ulefone Power 3S is presented at a reasonable price of € 138.83, about $ 169.99 to change, on GearBest. That is, a terminal 40 euros cheaper than the original Power 3 model.

Ulefone Power 3S: opinion and final assessment

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Is the Ulefone Power 3S worth buying? If what we liked about the original Power 3 was its battery, with the 3S we will find the same - a little more - at a better price. Of course, in exchange for a small downgrade in the RAM and the rear camera. In any case, for a terminal of less than 150 euros it has more than striking characteristics.

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