List of free and legal online TV channels for Latin America

Last week we published a post with the best IPTV services to watch TV online for free from your mobile. Several readers asked me if there would not be something similar to watch Latin American television on the Internet. After several days of researching on the subject, we have found quite interesting things. Today we bring you an interesting list with a multitude of free and legal online TV channels for Latin America.

These broadcasts are carried out live through the official websites of the television networks themselves. Therefore, to view its content, all we need is a web browser. That easy. Valid for both PC and mobile phones and tablets.

Free and legal online TV channels for Latin America

Next, we carry out a small review by the television networks of countries such as Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Peru or Chile, which broadcast live signal over the Internet. Mention that some of these broadcasts are geolocated. Although most broadcast internationally and openly, if we access from another country with a geographical restriction in between, we will need a VPN connection. On the other hand, if we also want to watch Spanish television, don't lose sight of this other post on how to watch Spanish DTT channels through IPTV from Android.


In Mexico, the TV Azteca group has several channels that broadcast their programming freely and totally free over the Internet. We are talking about channels like TV Azteca, Azteca Uno, Azteca 7, Adn40 and a + 7.2.

Here we will find shows like La Voz, Ventaneando, children's programs, series, movies, news and sports.

Enter TV Azteca | Azteca Uno | Aztec 7 | Adn40 | a + 7.2

In addition to this, we also have the Azteca Deportes app, where we find live broadcasts of matches of the Azteca National Team, Liga MX and Copa MX.

Download QR-Code Azteca Deportes Developer: TV AZTECA Price: Free


Argentine users, for their part, have the live broadcast of the TPA (Argentine Public Television). Among the programs offered by the chain are They find Pampero TV, TPA Noticias, Pakapaka, Argentine cooks, Our chronicles and Classic cinema.

To be able to see the TPA we just have to click on the "LIVE" button that appears in the upper right margin of the screen.

Enter TPA (Argentine Public Television)


Colombia has several channels that broadcast live TV for free over the Internet. We can find completely legal online DTT broadcasts of Caracol TV, Canal RCN, NTN24 with its corresponding television grid.

Enter Caracol TV | RCN Channel | NTN24

From the website of the ANTV (National Television Authority) of Colombia, many other channels are also recommended (Telecaribe, Telepacífico, Canal Tropical and others) that broadcast online from their corresponding web pages.

Enter Telecaribe | Telepacific | Canal Capital | Thirteen | Telecafé | Teleislas


In the case of Peru, there are 2 channels that broadcast in HD and that we can view both from our smartphone and from our laptop or PC at no cost. Access is made from the main page of TV Peru, from where we can load the live broadcast of both TV Peru and TV Noticias 7.3

Enter TV Peru


For users and fans of Chilean television we have several options available to watch TV from Chile totally free from mobile phones and PCs. On the one hand, we find Channel 13, where we can see programs like Masterchef or Let's keep going. In addition to series and soap operas such as Blood pact or Franklin's Queen.

Enter Channel 13

In addition to this we also have the National Television of Chile with its live broadcasts of up to 5 national TV channels such as TVN.CL, TVN Music, TVN Kids, TVN de Culto and TVN Chile.

Enter Chilean National Television

We end by mentioning the 24-hour Channel, with news from Chile and the world in continuous broadcast through its 24Play web player accessible only to users in national territory or with a VPN connection.

Enter Canal 24 Horas


The Venezolana Televisión channel broadcasts live throughout the world, with live broadcasts of its daily programming on the Internet. There are also other TV channels such as MirafloresTV or teleSUR that also offer their signal for all those interested in following their programming of series, movies, shows and live news.

Enter Venezuelan Television (mobile version | PC version)

Enter MirafloresTV | TeleSUR

I am aware that I left a good handful of countries and online TV channels in the pipeline, which we will deal with in future posts. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestion or recommendation, do not hesitate to visit the comments area.

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