UMI Max in analysis: A Premium, inexpensive and very interesting terminal

The well-known Asian firm UMI already surprised locals and strangers in his day with the powerful UMI Super, a really attractive terminal. Now UMI presents a new smartphone, the UMI Max, a phablet that due to its characteristics can be even more interesting than the UMI Super itself.

Chinese smartphones are characterized by always being behind in terms of adjusted prices, but what is most striking about the UMI Max is that Premium finish and remarkable power that treasures for a price that does not exceed $ 160. But the best thing is that we see what its characteristics are in order to assess it in the most objective way possible. Make yourself comfortable In today's review we analyze the UMI Max 4G Phablet.

UMI Max 4G Phablet Features

As you see at first sight the technical specifications have nothing to envy of many of the high-end or medium-high-end smartphones of the best known brands.

Design and finish

The design of this phone is one of its strengths. It has a Premium finish and it shows that it is of quality since it does not roar or there are strange movements when pressed. It is made of aluminum with 2 small plastic areas (in order to improve coverage) on the upper and lower back.

Power and performance

The truth is that it is surprising that a terminal with these features can be achieved at such an affordable price. It has 3 GB RAM and a processor Helio P10 8-core running at 1.8 GHz. Also has 16 GB of internal storage, a capacity more than enough, which can also be expanded up to 256 GB via SD memory.

With the 3GB of RAM we can play games with high resource consumption without a problem, although some very demanding games such as GTA may require a small drop in the quality of the graphics to avoid the occasional lag. As for the rest of Android apps, they work with total fluidity.

In addition, many of the terminal components are manufactured by top-level brands, which gives us some assurance regarding the overall quality of the device.


The UMI Max camera has a 13 MP resolution, and with good brightness it takes very detailed and quality photos. At night, on the other hand, and as is usual in this type of terminal, the quality of the photos suffers significantly, adding noise to the image.

The camera application has the standard functions, but nothing that cannot be fixed by installing an app that improves its possibilities, such as Camera Zoom FX.

I love the design of this terminal ...


This is another point where the guys at UMI can get their chest out. Its battery has a power of 4000 mAh, which gives it a duration of up to 2 days for users of moderate activity. The only downside is that the battery is not removable. Putting built-in batteries helps reduce size and increase performance, but you can't have it all. In this video they make a comparison between the battery life of a UMI Max vs iPhone 6S doing a practical test:

As for the rest of the features, mention that the UMI Max works under Android 6.0, it has a weight of 204 grams and dimensions of 15.08 x 7.50 x 0.85 cm. A real treat for lovers of large terminals.

The price of the UMI Max is usually around $ 150- $ 160, but today from 6:00 p.m. the terminal is on GearBest and for 3 days it can be obtained for only $ 139.99.

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