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Last year we discussed the Paypal promotion with which we could get 2 months of HBO Spain free. The truth is that it was a really tempting offer, since it had no hidden counterpart, but today it is an offer that is no longer active. Of course, as we commented in the post "The best series on HBO Spain over 8 according to IMDB" the platform has almost 100 titles with a remarkable high rating upwards, so there is a lot of quality content that is not It is convenient to lose sight of.

Following in the wake of other similar articles such as "How to get Netflix for free", in today's post we are going to reel off the possibilities at our disposal to be able to watch HBO for free for as long as possible. It should be clarified that yes, we will focus only on the legal "tips", leaving aside any service or pirate method. Let's go there!

Trick # 1: Take advantage of the free trial period

Unlike Netflix, which indiscriminately puts and takes away free trial months, at HBO Spain we can still take advantage of the 14 days free offered by the company for all new users of the platform.

Surely we do not have time to get to everything that interests us, but without a doubt we will be able to see a lot of complete series and movies if we do it relatively well.

Note: At the end of the free trial period, the system will automatically charge us € 8.99 per month. To avoid surprises, it is advisable to cancel the subscription right after completing the registration (the 14-day trial remains the same).

Try 2 free weeks of HBO Spain

Trick # 2: Shared accounts

In the case of HBO, the service offers 2 simultaneous reproductions, which means that we can talk with a family member and share expenses to have HBO in our respective homes at a more than reasonable price. It is not free, but it is the closest we are going to get moving within the strictly legal framework, without unpleasant last minute surprises.

Trick # 3: Check the free HBO offers of the operators and companies in your country

Streaming platforms are on the rise, and that means that many operators and telephone, fiber and other companies offer some of these services for free. Well, "free" in quotation marks, since for that we have to hire their services, but it can be a good deal if the balance of expenses works out to us.

In Spain, for example, Vodafone offers free HBO within its offers for Vodafone TV, with the packs “Seriefans" and "Serielovers", Which include unlimited data and calls (100Mbps fiber) together with a subscription to HBO Spain and other channels with on-demand content.

As for the rest of the operators, such as Movistar, it seems that there is still no agreement to offer offers of this type, at least for the moment.

Trick # 4: Take a look at the grocery store

HBO also offers special promotions through other channels, such as through collaborations with food and beverage brands. Currently, for example, we can get 2 months of HBO Spain for free by buying 2 packs of Maxi Burger hamburger buns from the Bimbo brand.

This promotion will only be active during the summer, but it is a detail to take into account. Remember! In the supermarket they also offer this type of free subscriptions with the purchase of certain products.

You live in EEUU? Get free HBO trials through Hulu, Prime Video, or Roku TV

The following offers that we show below are not available worldwide, but if we live in the United States they can be great for us to get free access trials to HBO.

  • Visit the official website of HBO's official website currently offers a 7-day trial of HBO Now. You can access from HEREAlthough if you are not interested, remember to cancel the subscription 24 hours before the end of the trial period (otherwise they will start to charge you the monthly fee of $ 14.99).
  • HBO Free Trial from Hulu: If we are already Hulu customers, we are in luck, since the platform offers a free trial week of HBO Max. You can access the offer from its official website HERE.
  • HBO Free Trial from Amazon Prime Video: Prime Video customers also have an offer very similar to that offered by Hulu. 7 days of free HBO that we can get from the following link on the Amazon website.
  • One week of free HBO from The Roku Channel: The Roku Channel has a lot of free content and movies, although if we don't have enough we can always take advantage of the offer they offer together with HBO to try their service for free for 7 days. As with Hulu or Prime Video after the trial period they will charge us $ 14.99 per month. Remember to cancel if you are not interested in keeping the subscription!

Apart from these methods, if we live in the United States we will also have the possibility to enjoy HBO Max for free in case we have a subscription contracted with AT&T.

  • DirecTV Premier
  • DirecTV Lo Maximo
  • AT&T TV Now Max
  • U400 and U450 TV
  • AT&T Unlimited Elite wireless plan
  • AT&T Internet 1000

With any of the plans that we mentioned above we will have free access to all the content of HBO Max. To manage our HBO Max add-on subscription, simply log into HBO Max with our AT&T credentials.

One final tip: Try other streaming services

HBO has some of the best quality series of the moment and that is indisputable, but it is not the only streaming platform on the market. If we do not want to pay for a monthly subscription, we can always vary and try other services such as Amazon Prime Video, SkyTV, RakutenTV or live and on-demand sports platforms such as DAZN. All of them offer a free trial month, so we can chain several subscriptions and have a good season watching streaming content without spending money.

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