5 powerful "tricks" for Facebook that very few people know

Although many people try to cheat in Facebook, the truth is that miracles do not exist. And most of those that appear in Google results are false or simply illegal, no matter where you look at them. Something quite logical, since the Facebook developers are on the move, and if they find any security breach or back door they disable it instantly.

The 5 best tricks to squeeze Facebook to the fullest

Nevertheless, there are several tricks for Facebook that are really useful and very few people know. Small tricks or "tricks" that can help us to show off to our friends how much we control the famous social network. Be careful, because some do not have waste. Do not lose sight of them!

Post to Facebook via SMS

It is clear that the easiest way to post on Facebook from your mobile is to install the app. You can publish in your feed and see the profiles of your friends with complete peace of mind. But, what if you want to post on Facebook and stop installing the app? Or do you not want to consume not a single mega of your data rate? You may not even have a smartphone and the only thing you can do is send SMS messages.

In this case, all you have to do is log into Facebook from a web browser, go to "Settings -> Mobile”. Add a phone number - if you haven't already - and follow the verification steps. Once this is done, we will see a message that says “Text activated”(Text activated).

From here, you can post on your Facebook wall via SMS messages. How? Just send an SMS to the Facebook number by writing the text you want to publish on your profile.

Note: The phone number to which you have to send Facebook SMS is “32665” (without quotes).

Besides this, the Facebook SMS number is also capable of recognizing other commands.

  • OTP: If you have forgotten your password, send a text message to 32665 with the code "OTP" to get a one-time password for Facebook.
  • START: Send an SMS with the code "START" to start receiving SMS notifications.
  • STOP: Send an SMS with the code "STOP" to stop receiving SMS notifications.
  • HELP: You can send an SMS with the code "HELP" to receive help.

More information on THIS Facebook help page.

Flip Facebook over and turn it upside down

With this trick for Facebook you can play a good prank on your friends. Do you know the typical office joke of rotating the monitor screen by pressing the "Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow"? Well, it is something similar, but only for the Facebook page.

To turn the Facebook page around and make it look upside down, we just have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Facebook settings by clicking on the menu "Setting”.
  • Click on the language settings and change it "English (Upside Down)”.
  • Save the changes.

If everything has gone well, we will see how now all the text, menus, publications and other buttons appear with the text face up. Great fun to have a few laughs in the office or with an unsuspecting friend.

Download your friends' photos and albums

If you have a lot of friends on Facebook, you may not have time to see all the photos they are posting. Maybe you want to keep up with the family photos shared by your uncles, cousins ​​or sister, to see them later in your own private photo collection. Not a bad idea, right?

Unfortunately, it is not an easy task. There used to be a ton of extensions for Chrome that let you download photos and entire albums from Facebook, but most of them have disappeared or just don't work. Luckily, we still have DownAlbum.

  • Install the DownAlbum extension for Chrome.
  • Open an album or Facebook profile that you want to download or view later.
  • Click on the DownAlbum icon located in the upper margin of the browser and select “Normal”.
  • A window will appear showing the download process. When it is completed, a new window will open where we will see all the photos in order. From here, we can save all the photos by pressing "Ctrl + S”Or just watch them and keep the ones we like the most.

This extension for Google Chrome works with Facebook, but also with other social networks such as Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter.

Create automation for Facebook with IFTTT

IFTTT is a platform that allows us to create automation for Facebook. We can link our Facebook account with that of Twitter, mail, Dropbox and other services to do things like these:

  • Save in Dropbox a copy of all the photos in which you are tagged on Facebook.
  • Synchronize photos from Facebook and Twitter.
  • Automatically change your Twitter profile picture when you update your Facebook profile picture.
  • Posting on Tumblr whenever you post something on Facebook.

This type of automation is done through "Applets". We can create them ourselves using triggers or use the ones that already exist in IFTTT. There are hundreds of them!

Example of one of the IFTTT applets.

Hide your online status selectively from certain people

There is a very interesting trick that allows you to hide your status on Facebook, but only from a certain number of people. To do this, we just have to go to the settings of "Setting”And go to the section“Locks”.

From here, we can block other users. In this way, all the people we add to the blocked list They will not be able to see if we are connected or not, and they will not be able to send us messages nor invitations of any kind. Really useful if we have any stalker or some heavy that does not stop bothering us every time we enter Facebook.

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