Super Vegeta Den: What if Vegeta had been sent to earth instead of Goku?

Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Den, also know as Dragon ball sai, is a manga that takes as its premise a simple idea but with a lot of potential. What if Vegeta had been sent to earth when he was a baby, instead of Son Goku? This small but essential change would have been enough for the entire story of Dragon Ball to unfold in a completely different way.

In this gigantic "What if…?We see how Vegeta faces the Red Ribbon, Piccolo Daimao and the entire gallery of Dragon Ball villains with hardly any disheveled and in a rather sadistic way. We will also see how Vegeta falls in love with Bulma and they have a son, and how they receive an unexpected visit from Raditz, Nappa and Kakaroto (Goku).

Among the many winks and details that the manga unfolds, it is curious to see the prince of the Saiyans wearing Goku's characteristic orange suit, but with the Capsule Corp logo. They are Goku dressing like a bloodthirsty space warrior, with the body full of scars. In short, a story that any Dragon Ball fan should read.

The legend of Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Den

This very interesting manga has not come out of the Akira Toriyama pencil, it is a dōjinshi (comic made by a non-professional mangaka) written and drawn by DragongarowLee and to this day it is almost a legend. The drawing is really good, the story is all sweet and the best of all is that it is practically impossible to find a complete or good quality copy on the internet. Most are tiny scans, untranslated or of very poor quality. Fact that only increases the myth of this hidden classic for any Dragon Ball fan.

If you are true followers of the series, surely right now you will start searching the net for any clue or thread that allows you to read a copy of Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Den. A good place to start looking would be the website of Kanzenshuu, the most important Dragon Ball website in English and in whose forum the good name of this very interesting began to be forged dōjinshi.

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