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The Suicide Squad It was a practically unknown group until Warner decided to bet on them in theaters, back in 2016. Since then we have seen new collections of comics, merchandise to cascoporro and attempts of all kinds to get the squad even in the soup. The latest animated premiere of DC has the group of antiheroes as the protagonist. Will they manage to slip it to us this time?

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay repeats the same formula seen on previous occasions: Amanda waller she recruits a group of villains, and under threat forces them to work for her in a very dangerous mission of dubious morality. The same old story, but this time, with new third-rate villains, which the screenwriter on duty will not hesitate to eliminate in the cruellest way possible to show that we are facing a very cool and badass antihero movie.

And speaking of supposedly badass characters there it is Harley quinn, as stereotypical as ever and with that simple humor that seems to drive everyone crazy. But hey, not everything is bad in this movie. At least the cast of villains the squad has to face is pretty interesting. There we have the Professor Pyg by Grant Morrison, some redesigns of Killer Frost and Silver Banshee that are not bad and even the appearances of Reverse Flash and Vandal Savage They always add some salt to the matter.

The feature film is full of pretty funny jokes, but many times you just end up laughing at how pitiful they are. There is a scene at the beginning of the film where the Suicide Squad infiltrates a male strip club, and one of the characters literally comments “Look at the billiard balls that he has”. I couldn't help but remember the joke that “Excuse me ma'am, do billiard balls have hair? ”,“ No ”,“ What do you mean? Hey, Billiards! Come here and show the balls to this lady!”.

It turns out that the Destiny Doctor He was a stripper and they had to interrogate him (?). Then we also see a close-up of an egg scratch from a guy in his boxer shorts. Haven't you found out yet that this is a politically incorrect movie? Well that. Scratching of eggs.

In the end we find the typical betrayals and revenge, and the heroes working as a team to defeat the enemy. Of course, all of this is sprinkled with deaths so that it shows that the thing is serious. Overall, each animated feature film by DC goes to its own ball and there is no kind of continuity, so go to sea.

In short, a pretty fun movie to hang out, but little else. Nothing to do with other much more mature and interesting animation productions like “Batman: Year One”, “Batman: Return of the Dark Knight”Or any of Bruce Timm's classic productions.

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