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Do you like short jokes? And what about the absurd jokes, the drunken jokes or the old jokes of Jaimito? In today's post we are going to dedicate a few lines to review the best humor apps to give us a good laugh from our Android. We started!

The best jokes apps for Android

The first thing we have noticed when testing the various joke apps available on the Play Store is that most have a rather poor interface on an aesthetic level. What counts here is the quality of the jokes they contain, so in this list we have focused solely on that: the content. Even so, humor is one of the most subjective things in life, so if we have left any app in the pipeline that you consider essential, do not hesitate to leave us your recommendation in the comments area.

10,000 jokes

One of the most complete joke applications for Android that exists. The app has a menu where all the jokes appear classified by categories: from lawyers, animals, drunkards, cannibals, doctors and computer jokes among many others.

Both short jokes and longer jokes are collected, and the truth is that although there is much older material than hunger, others have their grace. They are sure to make you laugh out loud, even if it's involuntary.

Download QR-Code 10,000 Jokes Developer: LunaSoft Price: Free


This joke app stands out above the rest thanks to its beautiful interface. An elegant and modern design that gathers more than 5,000 jokes classified by categories (businessmen, jokes of rednecks, dentists, sports, cruel…).

Jajapp allows you to share jokes, as well as bookmark those that make us more funny or view random jokes. If I had to recommend one joke app above the rest, this would probably be it.

Download QR-Code JaJapp! 5000+ Jokes Developer: Kangoo Apps Price: Free

Funny Rex

Chistoso Rex is a joke app that contains 122 jokes in comic format. The presentation is quite original, since in it we see a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a monologue plan telling his repertoire before an audience tougher than a rock. All the jokes follow the question-answer format like "Do you know why ...?" or "How do you say ...", and although some jokes are very bad others are genuinely funny.

The application is very simple: it does not allow you to bookmark, but it does allow us to share the jokes in JPG format via WhatsApp, social networks and others.

Download Funny QR-Code Rex Bad and Funny Jokes Developer: argensoft Price: Free

The stonemasons

Application that collects more than 600 classic phrases from The Simpsons, drawn directly from the hundreds of chapters of the series. Here we will find audios of Milhouse, Homer, Bart, Lisa and the rest of the characters that we can reproduce and share with our friends.

The list includes legendary phrases such as "Down with the aircraft carrier!", "Watch out, Radioactive Man!", "Doctor Zaius, Doctor Zaius", "Hey you, beer me" and many many more.

Download QR-Code Los Canteros: Phrases and sounds Developer: guillefix Price: Free

Short jokes

This joke application for Android has its good part and its bad part. The bad part is that it has a lot more ads than the rest of the apps on this list, so it can be very tiring if we spend a good time inside the app.

The good part is that in general the jokes are told with a lot of grace and salt, and their quality borders on a higher level, above average (which does not mean that there are also very bad jokes). It includes leper jokes, mother-in-law jokes, Basque jokes, jokes from "mom, momand other classic genres.

Download QR-Code Short and Good Jokes Developer: Radio Stations FM AM Music Online News ImaFrapps Price: Free


Do you remember velociraptor memes asking yourself philosophical questions? If you like this type of joke that goes from the absurd to the clever, you cannot ignore this app. The application collects 116 Filosoraptor jokes and includes a share button that allows us to send the funniest jokes through WhatsApp, Telegram, mail, etc.

It does not have much content, although the material it compiles is not bad at all. Perfect to install, save the memes that we like the most and get rid of it (unfortunately it does not give much more).

Download QR-Code Filosoraptor cool funny jokes Developer: argensoft Price: Free

Jokes for everyone

"Jokes for everyone" is a new version for all audiences of Chyster, a joke app that became very popular on Google Play. The app includes animal jokes, sports, scientists, short jokes and other classic genres of humor.

As a novelty compared to other similar apps, mention that each joke has an audio button that reads the joke aloud to us. The idea is original, but it would be interesting if the developers went a step further and in future updates use “human” recordings to read the jokes, instead of using the so hackneyed voice of Loquendo. In any case, a humor app with a lot of material to have a good laugh.

Download QR-Code Jokes for Everyone, jokes good jokes for free Developer: MTheorySoft Price: Free

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