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I've been wanting to make a list with the best Android web pages is Spanish. As many of you already know -pillines- the ecosystem of web pages and blogs that cover the wide spectrum of Android in the language of Cervantes is quite broad. Here we find everything: from very good things to portals full of misleading ads and links.

I am aware that 99% of my readers also learn about technology on other websites, so today I am going to make a somewhat suicidal post: I am going to tell you about my "competition" - well, in quotation marks, because this is a humble blog, so little competition, really. Let's go there! What are the best Android portals in Spanish in 2018?

The 7 best Android websites in Spanish

If you are looking for information about technology in general, and Android in particular, here you have a good selection of really interesting sites.

The Free Android

For a long time The Free Android is the most important Spanish-speaking news portal specialized in Android. News, tutorials, and much-much smartphone. They have a good army of writers and the truth is that they do a pretty good job.

The Free Android began as a blog back in 2009, when Paolo Alvarez, its founder, had a bicycle accident that destroyed his mobile. Last year the website was acquired by "El Español" joining Omicrono, the vertical portal oriented to technology from Pedro J. Ramirez's company. It has more than 5 million visits per month.

Engadget Android

Engadget It is another of the greats. They test first-hand practically any high-end mobile that comes out on the market, making more extensive reviews than the British encyclopedia. A good source for whether or not the latest $ 800 flagship from the current company is worth it.

Pro Android

Pro Android It was born as a YouTube channel in 2012 by the hand of Eduard Esteller, and thanks to the enormous success achieved they inaugurated the website of the same name in 2014. They have a tiny writing team, but they give off a very good vibes and it is a pleasure to read their reviews.

Android Help

As its name suggests, we are facing a website with a lot of tutorials and tricks for Android. Like so many other pages, Android Help it is part of a larger conglomerate, in this case the ADSL Zone Group.

The computer bungler

The truth is that "botched" has quite little. They not only talk about mobiles, but about technology in general, with news and a lot of chips and information about all the new devices and hardware that comes to the market. Advertising floods the entire web, but mysteriously, it is little or nothing bothersome. The Computer Bot, a very well oiled website in every way.


Although it is not among my favorite websites, we cannot leave this list without mentioning one of the most important pages about Android in Spanish today. They are always at the bottom of the canyon with each new information that is published about new mobiles and applications. To the writing team of Andro4All not one (in the good sense of the word) escapes him. However, to get to the comments area you have to cut through a veritable jungle of advertisements with a machete.

This is the spanish version from I prefer the English version, but its Spanish counterpart is not bad either. It publishes much less content than Xataka or El Androide Libre, but it is a good place to find last minute offers and read some other interesting tutorial on Android.

The official Android website. It's more of a catalog of products and services than anything else, but it has a great design. It is not a website to visit every day, but it is a good way to know the scope of an operating system such as Android.

I'm sure I left another portal on the way, but basically this is it. In future posts I will talk about the best Android blogs, that there is a good bunch of them and there is also a lot of fabric to cut.

The bad thing about dedicated Android websites, -as in the rest of the themes- is that having a large workforce and being subordinate to much larger companies cannot avoid being plagued with advertisements (with some honorable exceptions). Unfortunately it seems that it is the price to pay to be aware of each and every one of the details that run through the specialized press today.

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