The Tumblr Syndrome (Internet Humor XV) - The Happy Android

Chops are an inexhaustible source of humor. You take a striking image, cut it out and make a montage with Photoshop. The more absurd and crazy, the better. We take off the Tumblr Syndrome this week with some of the most incontestable chops of recent times - I'm going to put just a couple, but I swear that I could complete the section only with montages of this rich image.

Sergio Ramos.

The origin of the name of the Alpino pencils.

Master of the universe.

Well, it seems to me the symbol of infinity wearing a nice hat ...

Existential dilemmas.

Electronic Arts raising passions.

Mario Kart VR.


Karma, putting everyone in their place.

I only had one beer, really ...

You can see the previous editions of the "Tumblr Syndrome" at the following list.

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