18 free online computer science courses (Linux, networking, security, Arduino)

Online training can be a lifeboat for those who want to learn new things, but do not have the time and regularity necessary to attend an academy or face-to-face training center. For this reason, platforms such as Udemy, Coursera or Udacity (to mention some of the best known) do not stop growing and gaining popularity.

In today's post we have compiled an interesting selection of free training courses in Spanish varied theme. From Linux courses for beginners, through Cisco security courses, Windows Server 2012, microcontrollers and Arduino, among others.

All courses offer a certificate of completion, various training materials and numerous classes in video-on-demand format and lifetime access.

Operating systems

CentOS7: Everything You Need to Master It
Computer science course from 0 [EASY AND PRACTICAL]
Introduction to Linux: Install Linux on your PC
GNU / Linux: Take your first steps !! (Basic course)
Linux for beginners, but well explained and with demo
Windows 10 Essentials

Security and networks

Learn Cisco Security from 0
Cybersecurity online
Design of wireless networks with CYPETEL Wireless.
Network Design Course (CCDA)
Windows Server 2012 and Linux Ubuntu Server for Beginners
Introduction to Linux Servers with Debian


Arduino from Scratch - First Module
Create an automatic watering system with Arduino
Electronic design with ARM Microcontrollers (C / C ++) [1.01]
Introduction to PLCs [Programmable Logic Controllers]
Electronic Engineering: Circuit Design and Analysis I.

Other recommended online training courses

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