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Lately they don't stop putting the Jobtoday ad on TV: "Job to you, job to ya, job today!", "Mother! I'm already a cook! "Ouch! Although Jobtoday is far from wrong, I did want to take advantage of today's post to broaden the spectrum a little more, see that there are other much more effective portals for looking for work from your mobile, and ultimately, review some of the best apps to look for work with Android. The platforms that I am going to list below I can assure you that I have tried them all, so I speak with knowledge of the facts, but if you know of any that are also good and deserve to be visited, please do not hesitate to leave your comment at the end of the post.


Infojobs is one of the largest websites in Spanish to search for work. With a huge database available to the user, it also has its own mobile app. It has offers from all the guilds and allows filtering by location and category. The only downside is that you still don't have many offers to work from home. If you have not tried it yet, I encourage you to try it. In fact, here I found my current job, in which I have been working for almost 8 years.


If your trade is related to technology or journalism, Upwork is the perfect option to get a little extra money. They offer a wide range of short-term jobs, make and deliver. The applicant places their ad on Upwork and selects from the candidates. They then agree on a price between 2 and a delivery date, all from Upwork's own website or app. There are also jobs of longer duration but they do not usually exceed 3-6 months. Also note that all Upwork jobs take a percentage of commission. If you are a programmer, web developer, publicist, writer, translator or blogger you should visit Upwork right away.


Well-known website similar to Infojobs also has its own app to search for work. In this case Tecnoempleo focuses more on job offers related to technology: Programmers, technicians, computer engineers, analysts and developers in general, this is your site. As with Infojobs, face-to-face jobs still do not offer much telecommuting (although this is not a problem for Tecnoempleo, which is simply dedicated to disseminating company offers).


Along with Upwork, the leading freelance job search platform. All teleworking and oriented to trades related to technology, journalism or art (graphic designer, draftsman etc.). Until now, it offered a very similar offer to Upwork, but with the new commission rates that Upwork is going to start applying in summer 2016, Freelancer may end up eating the cake. If you still do not know their app, I encourage you to try it.


Jobtoday is a mobile app that, although it has not been on the market for long, already offers many job offers (be careful, only for Spain). The only downside is that they still don't have much variety. From what I have seen, at least in the offers near my city, almost everything is jobs related to the hospitality industry. The app has a clean, easy-to-use interface and encourages direct contact between employer and employee through chats and quick responses. One of the big drawbacks that I see is that the salary is not specified in any offer, and you know that when something like this is hidden, a bad sign ...

Extra Ball: Jobandtalent

Jobandtalent is a recently released app. I have not tried it yet, but it is hitting hard on Google Play and has already more than a million downloads. Like Jobtoday, it offers the option of chatting between candidate and employer, and has an overall rating of 4 stars. Which is not bad at all. From the opinions that people give it seems that you still have some points to improve, but it is a young app and the owners of the app seem quite receptive. If someone has already tried it, leave your opinion in comments and so we get a clearer idea :)

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