How to download a Tumblr backup (in a ZIP or on

One of the great informative bombings of this 2018 has been the notice by Tumblr of its intention to ban all kinds of adult content on your social network. As of December 17 (this coming Monday), all sensitive content, with nude images and the like will be deleted from Tumblr - and many other "legitimate" posts will also go to hell, you know how botched this type of usually is. filters-.

The thing is that there are many affected fandoms and communities - that have nothing to do with porn - that have their meeting point here, and there are not exactly four cats. A very large part of Tumblr is going to go down the drain, in what many already describe as "the end of an era."

How to backup all images, reblogs, drafts, audios, and content from your Tumblr

If you have a Tumblr account and want to "save the mess" by downloading a backup of everything you've uploaded to Tumblr over the years, you still have time.

The page has its own tutorial on how to export blogs, but it is quite hidden among hundreds of pages in its Help Center. To stop us from fussing, we explain it quickly in 5 easy steps.

  • Go to your Tumblr account settings (or click directly HERE).

  • On the right side you will see a list with all your blogs. Click on the one you want to make the backup.

  • In the blog settings you just selected, go down to the "Export" section and click on the "Export your blog”.

  • You will now see a message indicating "Backup in progress".

  • When the copy is ready, a button will appear to download the backup. Click on it to download. In it you will find a compressed file in ZIP format with all the content of your blog.

Keep in mind that, depending on the size of our blog, Tumblr may take a whole day (or more) to make the backup. In the meantime, we don't need to keep the Tumblr page open, just check it out from time to time.

Once we have downloaded the backup, if we open the compressed file we will find several folders:

  • A folder with all your posts in HTML format. It includes reblogs, drafts, private posts, reported posts, and any other type of hidden posts.
  • Another folder with everybodymultimedia files. All the images, videos, audios and others that we have posted, in their original upload format (GIF, JPG, MP4 and others).
  • Messages and conversations, in XML format.
  • A representation of all published posts, also in XML format.

If we have more than one blog on Tumblr, we will have to repeat this same backup process with each of them.

Now that Tumblr's armageddon is approaching it may be one of the best times to safeguard all the hours invested on the platform. If you have a blog, even if you think they won't report any of your drawings or photos - Tumblr's algorithm is crazy - don't hesitate and at least make a copy. If only as a precaution.

How to export your blog from Tumblr and upload it to

The fact is that we do not earn much if what we want is that everything published so far continues to be available on the Internet. Many Tumblr users are recommending exporting the entire blog and hosting it on, something that we will quickly explain how to do.

  • Create an account at (HERE).

  • Make sure to choose both a free plan and domain to create your blog.
  • Once registered and with the session started, click on "to import”, Inside the side administration menu.

  • If Tumblr does not appear on the list of sites to import, click on "Other imports”.
  • Now yes, we select "Install Now”On Tumblr. The system will ask us to enter our access data to Tumblr to establish the connection.

  • Finally, WordPress will show us all the blogs associated with our Tumblr account. Click on "Import this blog”On the desired blog.

From here, WordPress will start importing all of our blog posts to Tumblr and create a copy on the new blog we just created on

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