Insert holograms in real time and record it on video with this app

More and more things can be done when it comes to video editing and special effects. Augmented reality, although it is still pending to unfold its full potential, already allows us to do really curious things. The idea is more or less the same that we saw in games like Pokémon Go: insert holograms or three-dimensional objects into the real world.

This is precisely what Holo does, an interesting app for Android that plays quite intelligently with this concept. With this tool developed by 8i LTD we can choose between dozens of famous characters and personalities, and make them appear in the lens of our camera as if they were really with us.

Holo: using augmented reality to make montages with celebrities and funny characters

Within the catalog of holograms offered by the application we can find Spiderman, PewDiePie, Donald Trump, a gorilla playing the ukulele, zombies, a dog doing pranks and even Einstein, among many others.

The operation of Holo is really simple. We open the app, and focus where we want the hologram in question to appear and select one of the available characters in the lower menu.

A gorilla playing ukulele and a cheerleader in my room cheering me on. So it's nice to write a post.

Once we have the desired frame, click on the screen, and we will automatically see a button that will allow us to record the scene on video or take a photo. From here, we can download the video or share it on social networks, send it by WhatsApp etc. All this without the hated watermarks that are so abundant in these types of free applications.

In addition to the holograms that come standard, the application lets us download the new additions that are being added to the catalog, thus completing a list that gives a lot of play to make montages and jokes of all kinds.

There are dozens of character packs, and each one comes with its own set of holograms.

If we are interested, we can download Holo directly from the Play Store here:

Download QR-Code Holo - Holograms for Videos in Augmented Reality Developer: 8i LTD Price: Free

Other augmented reality apps for Android that are worth your time

Holo is an application that allows us to play with augmented reality, but it is not the only one that knows how to take advantage of this technology.

  • Google Lens: Formerly known as Google Googles, with Lens we can take a photo with the camera and identify the objects that appear in it. The system performs a search on the internet and shows us similar results. A very interesting application. (Download it HERE)
  • View Ranger: One of the greatest benefits we can get from augmented reality is when we merge real life with virtual life to obtain an enriched vision of the world around us. That's exactly what View Ranger does, helping us identify mountains, peaks, rivers, and roads. Ideal for hiking. (Download it HERE)
  • Wallame: This is one of my favorite augmented reality apps. WallaMe allows us to leave messages on walls and objects in the real world. It is perfect to leave notes, make graffiti and others in public places and that only who we want can see them. The concept is just great. (Download it HERE)

If you want to know other applications that use this technology, do not hesitate to take a look at the following post with the 10 best augmented reality apps for Android. We will read in the next post!

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