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If you like series of type Super sentai you are in luck. Not just because of the recent blockbuster of the power Rangers that has just assaulted the cinemas of half the world, no friends! The American version of this Japanese classic also comes loaded with intentions in its corresponding mobile game version.

Download QR-Code Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Developer: nWay Inc. Price: Free

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars: Clash Royale melee combat

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars it's a PvP for Android in which we will fight in an entertaining multiplayer online mode, within a pseudo-dynamic of turn-based combat in a style very similar to the mythical Clash Royale.

The objective will be to defeat the villain Rita Repulsa, fighting with our combat squad against various players in a 1 vs 1 online mode throughout 4 different scenarios. Each squad consists of a main fighter and 2 support characters with which we will perform various combos and attacks while our power bar charges automatically.

Each attack has a power cost, so it is essential to calculate and chain the hits with the blocks in the best possible way, in order to accumulate as many attacks as possible without taking damage in return. What at first seems like a simple concatenation of blows ends up becoming a strategic battle for survival and subsequent victory.

One of the things to thank the developer nWay it is not having remained on the surface, offering something more than a simple game of the movie of the day. Thanks to this we can enjoy up to 40 different characters that we can unlock as we progress through the game, among which we find various villains and Power Rangers from the film and other series. All a hoot that will not only attract fans of the new film but also those nostalgic for the long-awaited series of the 90s and lifelong fans.

Other Power Rangers games for Android

Far from it, this is the first Zordon Super Sentai game for Android-based mobile devices. Power Rangers are very popular on Google Play and have several super successful games behind them.

There is Power Rangers Dash, with its more than 5 million downloads. A hilarious runner in which we advance relentlessly while avoiding obstacles and thrashing the corresponding enemies on duty. Power Rangers in version super deformed in a frantic game and very well brought.

Download QR-Code Power Rangers Dash Developer: MOVE GAMES Price: Free

Another of the most popular apps is Power Rangers Dino Rumble, a game of turn-based combat that tries to go out of the way a bit, forcing the player to perform certain patterns to carry out the corresponding attacks. It is not bad, but it ends up becoming repetitive too soon, and also, it is only free to a certain extent, being mandatory to pay if we want to play the rest of the levels.

Download QR-Code Power Rangers Dino Charge Developer: StoryToys Price: Free

The truth is that the recent Power Rangers: Legacy Wars is one of the best of the ranger family that has come out for Android to date, and it shows that not all games based on the hot movie of the day have to be mere promotional products. Oh yeah!

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