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Either way, games are always more enjoyable on the big screen. If we have a 10 ”, we are sure that we enjoy spectacular graphics more than in a 5 or 6-inch panel. If we also do not have a decent console, the tablet can become our default video game device without much problem.

We can also add a gamepad or wireless controller to improve the playability of some titles, although most Android games are designed to be enjoyed in touch mode.

In any case, here you have a good list of games that can go a long way on the screen of a good tablet.

Top 10 free games for Android tablets ranked by genre

Next, we review the best Android games classified by genre. Titles that we can undoubtedly make the most of on our mid-range or high-end tablet. As is usual in this type of list, all games are free and can be enjoyed without having to pay a single euro.

Into the Dead (action game)

Into the Dead is a survival zombie in which we must run like the devil's soul to avoid being eaten. It has some really attractive graphics and a spectacularity and atmosphere that are out of the average. Best of all, in addition, that you can play offline without an Internet connection.

Download QR-Code Into the Dead Developer: PIKPOK Price: Free

Asphalt Xtreme (racing game)

The Asphalt series is one of the best that we can find in mobile racing games. It has very careful graphics that are very close to what we could find on consoles, and on tablet they are a joy.

With the Xtreme delivery, Gameloft developers have improved the title in all aspects: multiplayer races, more than 400 events and 50 cars from which we can choose between monster trucks, buggies, pickups, and even trucks.

Download QR-Code Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing Developer: Gameloft SE Price: Free

Hearthstone (card game)

The truth is that this game has me captivated. As a lifelong Magic player, it is appreciated that a game like Hearthstone exists, is on the market, and is also 100% free, both on PC and mobile devices. Good for Blizzard.

It is a turn-based combat game, in which we must summon minions and spells through the cards we have in hand, to reduce our opponent's life from 30 to 0 points. Simple mechanics and a good learning curve make Hearthstone an ideal classic to give it a go from the Full HD screen of our tablet.

Download QR-Code Hearthstone Developer: Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. Price: Free

Dragon Ball Legends (card fighting game)

Dragon Ball Legends is the most recent game of the franchise on mobile devices, and the most powerful on a graphical level without a doubt. If we are fans of Goku and company this is the game that we should be testing on our tablet.

Although it is not a regular fighting title, since we use cards to perform combos and special attacks, Legends is a very attractive and interesting step forward. In addition, a new character created especially for the occasion is introduced: the Saiyan Shallot.

Download QR-Code DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Developer: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. Price: Free

Rayman Adventures (platform game)

Do you remember Super Mario Run for Android? Great game, right? The downside is that it was a bit expensive and the players noted it in their ratings (3.7 stars on Google Play). Rayman Adventures is a sample of what they could have achieved at Nintendo if they had worked a little better.

This great platform game has flawless graphics, brutal gameplay and is much richer in all aspects than the plumber game on Android. A run and jump that stands out notably in the genre of platforms with a 4.6 star rating and more than 10 million downloads on Google Play.

Download QR-Code Rayman Adventures Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment Price: Free

Pocket Mortys (RPG game)

At this point we could talk about Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Fire Emblem Heroes or some other renowned RPG. However, today we are going to recommend Pocket Mortys, an RPG that mixes the world of Rick and Morty with the classic dynamics of Pokémon games. There are over 200 wacky Mortys to catch!

Download QR-Code Pocket Mortys Developer: [adult swim] games Price: Free

PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile (shooter type game)

PUBG is one of the most popular battle royale shooters on the planet. This 2018 the mobile version has been launched and has already had more than 50 million downloads and a 4.5 star rating in the Google store.

The dynamics of the game is very simple: 100 players in a free-for-all, trapped on an 8 × 8 km island full of weapons, vehicles and supplies. Good graphics and guaranteed fun.

Download QR-Code PUBG MOBILE - NEW ERA Developer: Tencent Games Price: Free

Sky Force Reloaded (arcade shoot'em'up game)

Almost without realizing it I have ended up putting more hours than I expected in this game. I have it in its PS4 version and I have also tested its mobile version. Just great. This classic "martian killer" takes the best of the genre par excellence of the 80s and 90s, refreshing it with current graphics that are also fluid like silk.

It has a very high rating of 4.7 stars in the Play Store and more than 5 million downloads. A title that everyone should try at least once (especially if we have a tablet with a good screen).

Download QR-Code Sky Force Reloaded Developer: Infinite Dreams Price: Free

Injustice 2 (fighting game)

If we are looking for a game that takes advantage of our expensive and luxurious tablet, this may be a good example. Injustice 2 takes the best of DC's fighting game for consoles and brings it to mobile devices while maintaining a powerful graphic load and high playability.

Download QR-Code Injustice 2 Developer: Warner Bros. International Enterprises Price: Free

FIFA Soccer (sports game)

Electronic Arts FIFA for Android is the most popular soccer game for mobile devices of the moment. Develop a squad, train your players, play and win games. The graphics are more than good, it has an individual campaign mode and it also allows you to play online in league matches.

4.3 stars and more than 100 million downloads on Google Play.

Download QR-Code FIFA Soccer Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Price: Free

What do you think of this list? What games do you think are best enjoyed from a tablet? Recommendations in the comment area!

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