65 free online courses to learn Italian and Portuguese

During these weeks we have been compiling some of the best free courses to learn languages ​​such as English, French, German, Chinese, Russian or Japanese. Today we are going to do the same with him Italian and the Portuguese, both Romance languages ​​that in principle are much easier to learn for all of us who are Spanish speakers.

The first thing to mention is that all courses are in Spanish, so we do not have to worry about not knowing English (many of the language courses that we find on the net are in the language of Shakespeare). Most classes are geared towards beginning students, but intermediate and advanced level courses are also included.

65 free online courses in Spanish to learn Italian and Portuguese

To prepare the following list we have curated content where we have taken into account educational platforms such as AulaFácil and Tutellus, as well as web applications for learning languages ​​such as Loecsen, Babbel, Memrise or Duolingo (the latter also with an app version for Android). Finally, we have also collected specialized websites that offer free online courses and various courses taught by Portuguese and Italian teachers through their YouTube channels.

Italian courses

Complete Italian Course - Basic Level
Learn all the numbers in Italian
Italian Level A1
Italian Level A2
Italian Courses for Spanish Speakers (Memrise)
Italian course from Spanish (Duolingo)
Italian B-1 (1st part)
Italian (In simple words)
Italian courses at Babbel
Italian Readings
Italian Readings 2
Italian course (Marcos Misida)
Italian lessons starting from scratch (Ciao Suey!)
Italian Language Course (Italian Charm)
Italian course (7 videos)
Italian 1
Italian 2
Italian 3
Italian course (Javier Aimituma)
Italian course (Gildenor Moura)
Free online Italian course (Loecsen)
Italian grammar livello beginner (A1 - A2)
Kultivi | Italian | Ana Garibotti | FREE COURSE
Italian with videos
Intermediate Italian with Videos
Intermediate Italian with Videos II
Intermediate Italian with Videos III
Intermediate Italian with Videos IV
Intermediate Italian with Videos V
Globo Languages ​​Course - Italian (Serafini Travels)
Learn Italian - Phrases in Italian
Basic ITALIAN course for BEGINNERS
Italian Exercises
Italian with DaveLanguages ​​- Basic Level
Italian course (Nelly Montoto)
ITALIAN COURSE (darth vader castelazzo)
Basic Italian Definitions
Italian Course (Milagros Tampoa)
Corso di Italiano - Lezioni di Italiano with Veronica

Portuguese courses (Portugal and Brazilian)

Complete Portuguese Course - Basic Level
Portuguese Courses for Spanish Speakers (Memrise)
Portuguese course from Spanish (Duolingo)
Portuguese free online with audios (Portuguesweb.com)
Basic Portuguese for Spanish Speakers
Learn Portuguese (Mylanguages.org)
Portuguese Course (In simple words)
Learn Portuguese with songs (Lyricstraining)
Free online Portuguese course (Loecsen)
Portuguese with DaveLanguages ​​- Basic Level
Free Portuguese courses at Babbel
Free Portuguese course in PDF (Formaciononline.eu)
Portuguese Course | Ensino fundamental, medium and contest
Portuguese course for download (US Foreign Service Institute)
Learn Portuguese with Rodrigo
Basic Level A1 (Your Portuguese classes)
Basic Level A2 (Your Portuguese classes)
Intermediate Level B1 (Your Portuguese classes)
Advanced Intermediate Level B2 (Your Portuguese classes)
Portuguese course (Hector Guaramata)
Grammar and Pronunciation for Spanish Speakers (Brazilian Portuguese)
Brazilian Portuguese Course (David Palacios)
Portuguese course (Alonso Vela)

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