GoPro HERO CHDHA-301, one of the best action cameras for € 52.99!

No one doubts at this point that GoPro sports cameras They are probably the best option on the market when it comes to action cameras. A brand that has made a good name for itself based on products of outstanding quality. A benchmark.

Unfortunately, as is logical and understandable, we are not talking about a cheap line of cameras precisely. The sports camera we are talking about today, the GoPro HERO, is priced at about 200 euros on Amazon. But that's nothing! Other models in the HERO line even reach € 500 with hardly any tousling. A premium product in every rule. The best action cameras in the world.

GoPro HERO, a wide-angle sports camera at 1080P and 30fps

If the GoPro have managed to become a benchmark, it has been precisely because of their great technical qualities. The GoPro HERO is one of the most affordable models in the GoPro line, with features as well-profiled as these:

  • Wide angle lens with F2.8 aperture.
  • Video resolution: 1080P at 30fps, 720P at 60fps SuperView, 720P at 60fps.
  • Photo resolution: 5MP (2592 * 1944).
  • Burst mode: 10 photos in 2 seconds.
  • H.264 / MP4 format.
  • Micro USB port.
  • 1180mAh lithium battery.
  • Weight of 111 gr.

In addition to this, the GoPro HERO has a built-in microphone, it is submersible in water up to 40m, accepts external memory cards up to 32GB and is compatible with more than 60 GoPro brand plug-ins and accessories.

Original GoPro HERO CHDHA-301, the GoPro model that is worth less than 60 euros

This action camera, as such, is priced at just over € 200 in stores like Amazon. So how is it possible that it can be had for much less than half its price?

In the Chinese market it is common to find clones of very successful devices, although in this case the method used has been different. The Original GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 camera is completely original. A Genuine, Brand New, Unreconditioned GoPro HERO. The accessories, on the contrary, although they are the same, do not bear the signature of the house. As simple as that.

In this way, with the package of the Original GoPro Hero CHDHA-301 we will receive a USB cable, a base, an accessory for a helmet and another for a bicycle, with their corresponding instruction manual whose only downside is that they do not carry the GoPro seal.

Price and availability

The Original GoPro HERO CHDHA-301 currently has a price of € 58.03 at Tomtop, about $ 69.08 to change. Offer that will be valid for the duration of the presale of the device, that is, until next November 5.

As always, we can also get a good tweak from the final price by applying the following discount coupon:


Price with coupon: € 52.99

If we are thinking of getting a sports camera, without a doubt this is a unique opportunity to take home one of the best alternatives on the market. A good example of this is the large number of reservations that this GoPro HERO has accumulated since its departure just a few hours ago on TomTop. Do not lose sight of it.

Tomtop | Buy Original GoPRO HERO CHDHA-301

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