Top 10 Dragon Ball Movies, OVAS, and Specials

I've been watching and reading Dragon ball since he was a kid. Almost 30 years later I am still at the bottom of the canyon with Dragon Ball Super, and you could almost say that I am a hardcore fan of the series -especially of the manga-. Therefore, it is quite difficult for me to choose a Dragon Ball movie or OVA and label it as the best of all. Each one has its little things!

Top 10 Dragon Ball Movies, OVAs, and TV Specials

Although most of these stories are outside the official canon of the series, and in some cases they lag quite a bit in the script - it is not easy to tell a self-concluding story with the room for maneuver that many of these films had - the truth is that some of them greatly penetrated the fans of the franchise, introducing new characters and further expanding the mythology of Dragon Ball itself.

1.- Resistance to despair !! The Last Z Warriors: Gohan and Trunks

Also known as “A different future”, this 47-minute television special develops the story of future trunks. A future in which Goku dies and Androids Nº17 and Nº18 roam freely causing chaos and destruction wherever they go. It reproduces the original manga with almost millimeter precision, resulting in one of the most intense and saddest stories in all of Dragon Ball.

2.- Shock !! 10,000,000,000 Power Warriors

The sixth Dragon Ball Z movie counted cooler's return, Freeza's older brother, this time retreaded as a Metal Cooler and with a whole army of clones under his control. It has great animation and an epic battle with Vegeta and Goku as protagonists, in which they know they cannot win, but still, they must try.

3.- It burns !! Super fierce, extreme and fiery battle

Broly He is without a doubt the most popular non-canon character in Dragon Ball. He has starred in 3 films (the last 2 quite regrettable) and appears in almost every video game in the franchise. Such is his success that recently we have seen how Toriyama "canonized" the character in a certain way, in the role of Kale, the Saiyan from universe 6, in Dragon Ball Super.

In Spain the film was published under the name of "The duel breaks out", and tells the story of Paragas, a survivor of the planet Vegeta, who convinces Goku and company to travel to a new planet and try to reestablish the Saiyan empire.

4.- Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

This OVA is one of the most interesting at the plot level, since it has the origin of the legend of the first super saiyan. Yes, the same legend that we hear so much about throughout the Freeza saga.

It was presented in 2011, and itself is based on Naho Oishi's manga, which, in turn, is based on the Dragon Ball Heroes video game -one day we have to talk about this magnificent game-.

5.- The galaxy is in danger !! A super amazing warrior

This film known as "The Silver Warriors", is located just after the Cell saga, and if memory serves, it is the only feature film in which we can see Gohan in Super Saiyan 2.

It all starts with a martial arts tournament that ends up becoming a frog and ... well, I better not tell you more. The main role falls on Son Gohan, and reminds us how cool this character came to be in his day. A must for fans of Son Goku's eldest son.

6.- Mystical Adventure

This is one of the first Dragon Ball movies -the third, more specifically-, released in 1988, and develops with certain variations and modifications the saga of Tao Pai Pai and Ten Shin Han. It has some highlights, such as Arale's appearance, and the presentation of classic characters, such as Chaos, in different roles - here he appears as the emperor of Mifan.

A movie without Super Saiyans, universal destructions, or incredible escalations of power. At first this was Dragon Ball, many people do not even remember.

7.- The rebirth of fusion! Goku and Vegeta

I remember seeing this movie for the first time on a pirated VHS with the photocopied cover that my neighborhood bookseller brought. All in original version and without subtitles, of course -raw material in pure state-. Although there was not much to understand either: this is the movie where it appears for the first and last time Gogeta, the incredible fusion of Goku and Vegeta with a little dance in between - the same technique used by Gotenks-.

In Spain the film was simply titled "Fusion", and in it Goku and Vegeta must defeat Janemba, an oni that has been possessed by the negative energy of the souls condemned by Judge Emma Daio.

8.- The battle of the gods

This is the first "modern" Dragon Ball movie, and just for what it supposed - Toriyama's return to the scripts and the seed for the series' official return - it's worth making this list.

Not only does it contain what is probably the best fight on a visual level to date (Goku vs Bills), but it introduced new concepts such as the gods of destruction, the Super Saiyan God, and it was also the first canon story not based on any previously published manga. Fresh material from first hand! The film was released in theaters around the world, not just in Japan, and was an unprecedented commercial success for the franchise.

9.- A lonely final battle ~ The father of Warrior Z Son Gokū who faced Freeza ~

This TV special is set 12 years before the start of Dragon Ball, when Goku is still a newborn. Bardock, Son Goku's father witnesses a premonition by a kind of alien shaman, while he and his gang of Saiyans are conquering a planet far from the hand of God: “A very black future awaits you. You will be extinguished like my tribe. You can't help it! "

Here it was translated as "The Last Fight", and it serves perfectly to understand a little better the Saiyajin race and the contempt that Freeza professed for them, fearful that one day they might rebel against him and his empire. An excellent complement that helps to better understand the Freeza saga.

10.- Son Goku and his friends are back!

After several years of total drought, this 33-minute OVA was featured on the 2008 Jump Super Anime Tour. Although on a plot level it is little more than a fanservice, with each character enjoying their little minute of glory, the truth is that introduced an interesting novelty that we hope will continue at some point in the future.

I mean the presentation of Table, Vegeta's little brother, whom we had not heard from so far, who managed to escape the destruction of his home planet by being Erasmus in some far corner of the galaxy.

Note: This is a totally personal and subjective list. If you think I have missed a movie or special that should be on the list, do not hesitate to share it and leave your opinion in the comments area.

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