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Would you like to learn how to take professional photos with your mobile? Are you thinking of joining an Adobe Premier course or would you like to learn how to use your camera in manual mode and take some impressive snapshots? If the answer is yes, surely you are interested in today's post.

Below we have collected 24 online photography courses, whose common denominator is that they are all 100% free. Some are in English and others in Spanish (indicated in parentheses next to the name of the course). Many of these trainings are delivered through Udemy, which means that in most cases we can also earn a certificate upon completion of the course.

24 free online photography and image editing courses

Within this list we find courses that range from the most basic in photography, with tips on exposure, manual adjustments, green screen photography and others, to other more advanced courses where we can learn to use digital photography programs such as Lightroom or Adobe Premiere Pro.

Learn photographic composition with any camera (Spanish)
Professional photography with smartphones (Spanish)
Introduction to Editing with Adobe Premiere (Spanish)
Mobile Photography: Get started and learn the basics (Spanish)
Animation principles in After Effects (Spanish)
One year of photography (Spanish)
Lightroom CC Course (Spanish)
Learn Premiere Pro CC 2019 (Spanish)
Photography course «The Web Foto» (Spanish)
Introductory course to photography
Photography: Start taking photos in manual mode
Green Screen Photography
Learn the best photo exhibition practices
Create an amazing photography page with SmugMug in 90 minutes
Photography is easy
The secrets of model photography for magazines
Learn photography from a professional and take better photos
7 ingredients to take incredible photos
Manual photography: use your camera wisely
360 light painting with the Ricoh Theta S
From photo to DVD - preserve those precious memories
Cameras, exhibition and photography
Photography Basics: The Complete Guide
Fashion Photography Course (Collaboration: Mastered)

Other free online training courses

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If you want to recommend some other online course or you know of a training platform that is worth mentioning, do not hesitate to stop by the comments area!

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