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I have just discovered a rather curious Windows application. Is about PaperPlane, an application that allows you to reconvert your desktop thanks to a launcher-like aesthetic like that of iPad or Mac OS X. What strikes me the most is that it is not an app for mobile devices, but that it works perfectly on any desktop or laptop computer with Windows, be it XP, Windows 7, 8 or Windows 10. Here you have a screenshot of my desktop PC desktop after installing PaperPlane.

When you install PaperPlane it shows the applications you use most frequently, but if you right-click and choose “Windows Modeyou can also drag folders and files and place them in the launcher. One of the advantages is that it is designed for touch devices, so if your equipment is “finger-friendly” (sic) you can use it more fluidly.

If we want we can also show the Windows start bar

In conclusion, a very curious application that can be used very easily and if it meets your needs, it may even be a good idea to use it regularly or permanently. PaperPlane is also free, so you just have to download it (from HERE) and try. If you want to see all its functions I recommend take a look at the creators' website, where they explain everything with hairs and signs.

Ah! I almost forgot. If you have looked at the screenshots that I have just attached, you will have seen that it also has a search engine at the top. It only works with apps, but it is very handy and easy to use. I said, a great application to play a bit and give new airs to your classic desktop computer. What do you think?

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