This pirate website broadcasts Disney +, Netflix, Prime and HBO in streaming

Do you remember “Password of the Day”, that crazy website that gave away premium accounts every day in a kind of “treasure hunt” on the Internet? Well, grab the bucks because MSCHF, the creators of that same page, have set the beach bar on fire and they already have a new project under their arm called AllTheStreams.

After ending the Password of the Day experiment in style by giving away the account that gave access to the AWS servers where the web was hosted, the marketing company MSCHF has set its eye on streaming platforms. His new hooligan is the web, a pirate radio that broadcasts uninterruptedly the entire catalog of Disney +, HBO Now, HULU, Netflix, Prime Video and Showtime for free and without ads of any kind.

The end of Password of the Day.

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Openly challenging the streaming giants

We are facing a platform that basically works like an old radio or television, with a dial that we can move to tune in to Netflix, Disney Plus or any other of the aforementioned services. Of course, the big difference is that it does not have content on demand and everything that is broadcast in streaming is done live for everyone. For example, at the time of writing this post in the Netflix section they were transmitting The Witcher, in Disney + the movie Avatar and in Prime Video a chapter of Star Trek.

Obviously this entire project is completely illegal, and when asked by the TorrentFreak portal, MSCHF CEO Gabriel Whaley admits that with this campaign they are aware that they are infringing copyright. "We do not have any permission to broadcast all of this. And even if one company turns the page for us, another 5 will take its place! "

They certainly do not seem to be very concerned, since by not profiting from streaming -remember that the website has no advertising-, the financial fine could even compensate for the virality and scope of this peculiar promotional campaign.

The MSCHF manifesto

To justify this great rebellion against streaming companies, MSCHF has published a manifesto highlighting the arbitrariness of certain measures to prevent piracy, such as the 1-hour limit on pop music imposed by the BBC in the 1960s, or the format restrictions. MP3 on iTunes at the beginning of the century.

Now Netflix has all the content of Netflix, Disney has all of Disney and so on, making it impossible for the average user to choose what to watch without leaving a good sum of money along the way. All The Streams rebels against this independence of the platforms, to demonstrate –according to them- that “even a petty hack like yours can compete with the industry giants”. Although of course, what MSCHF does not comment on is that they do not create any content, so that competing face to face is still relative to say the least.

How long this rampage will last and the consequences for its creators only time will tell, although it seems certain that this time they will get more notoriety than when they released that astrology-based trading app, the YouTube channel of that guy who ate everything or those Nike shoes filled with holy water. For now, AllTheStreams works at full capacity, although it is noted that the transmission is quite rudimentary, at times even being able to see the streamer's PC screen while selecting the next piece of content. All very in line with the performance and idiosyncrasy of the project.

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