How to edit the metadata of a song (MP3, WAV, WMA)

This week I am sorting through my repertoire of songs. Almost all the songs are in MP3, WAV or WMA format and are quite old songs. In his day I did not keep them correctly, and some only have the name and little else.

My intention is add to each of them its corresponding data, such as the name of the artist, the name of the album and those kinds of details. Thus, when you open it in a player on your mobile, in an MP3 player or on your PC, everything is well cataloged and ordered.

In today's tutorial we will see several ways to edit and add information to the songs and albums in our audio library:

  • Manually from Windows Explorer.
  • Using music players for Android and PC, like Pi Music Player, Groove music and the like.
  • Automatically comparing songs with a database.

How to edit song metadata from Windows file explorer

When we talk about adding information to a song or audio track, what we really do is modify file metadata. This is something that we can easily do if we have a Windows computer at home.

  • We look for the song that we want to modify, and by right clicking we click on “Properties”. We move to the tab "Details”.
  • All the information we see here is the file's metadata. To add or modify any information, we just have to put the cursor and write in the column of the field "Value”.
  • Once we have added the name of the song, the artist, the album, the year etc., and we have everything to our liking, click on "Apply”To save the changes.

This is the most practical way to edit the metadata of an MP3 file and the like. However, if we have a complete album, instead of having to add the name of the album and so on, song by song, we can also do it in one go.

  • To do this, we select all the songs from the same album and right-click on "Properties”.
  • We go back to the tab "Details”.
  • Here it is important that we only modify the general data that are identical for all the songs on the disc (album, year, artist). That is, what are in the section "Multimedia”.
  • Click on "Apply”To save the changes made.

Editing Artist and Disc Information from Groove Music

Windows 10 comes pre-installed with the Groove Music music player. With this program we can also edit the mentioned metadata of the songs.

  • We open Groove Music.
  • Click on "Show us the location of the music”And select the folders where we save the music.
  • Let's go to the tab "Albums”. We right click on the disc we want to edit and click on "Edit information”.
  • We add the desired information and click on "Keep”.

It may be a somewhat less simple task than using Windows Explorer, but just as functional.

How to edit the metadata of a song from Android

If we already have the music copied to the mobile and we want to edit it, we can also do it in a similar way. Most Android music players allow this type of metadata alteration.

Download QR-Code Pi Music Player - for MP3, YouTube music Developer: Musicophilia - Free Music Apps Price: Free

I personally use the Pi music player, which makes it easy to edit track and album information:

  • Click on the side menu of the track that we want to modify.
  • We select "Edit track information".
  • We add the pertinent information and click on the validation check.

In the case of wanting to modify the information of an entire disc, we only have to repeat this same process, from the "ALBUMES" tab.

How to edit the tags or «tags» of an MP3 in iOS

If we have an iPhone or iPad and we want to modify the metadata of a song or a complete album, the simplest thing we can do is install a dedicated application such as MP3Tag.

Download QR-Code MP3Tag: Audio Tag Developer: Artem Meleshko Price: Free +

It is a very simple tool with which we can edit data such as the name, album or cover photo of each song. An interesting detail is that it also allows batch changes, making the song tagging process much faster.

How to edit the metadata of an audio track on MacOS

Finally, when it comes to Apple's desktop operating system, we find a free application called Tag Editor Free. As its name suggests, it is a tag editor with which we can easily modify and correct the metadata of our songs and audio tracks. Clean interface and very easy to use!

Another point in its favor is that it connects to the Internet (AcoustID, MusicBrainz, CoverArt) to download album covers automatically. A little gem for OS X 10.7 or later.

Download from the developer's website

Is there a program that labels or completes song information automatically?

Big question. The truth is that if we have many discs, editing all this metadata can take several hours, even days, to work.

Currently there is a program for Windows that takes care of edit all this information automatically. The application is calledMusicBrainz Picard, and your task is that: to compare the songs we give you with a large database.

If the song matches a theme, Picard will add all the information related to the audio track. To do this, it uses Acoustic ID technology to identify the sound footprint of any song. It is free and compatible with MP3, FLAC, OGG, M4A, WMA, and WAV files.

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