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On previous occasions we have seen all the available methods to watch HBO for free, or Disney + for free legally, and today we are going to do the same with Movistar + Lite. Telefónica's streaming platform is the home of such emblematic programs as La Resistencia and Late Motiv, and has some of the largest national productions with series El Embarcadero, Vergüenza or Hierro, as well as a good handful of channels such as Comedy Central, AMC and FOX. Is there a way to see all this content from Movistar + Lite free?

Always keeping within the legal limits, we have compiled all the "hacks" or tricks that we can use to watch Movistar + Lite for free without having to open the wallet. We are not going to discover the wheel either, but it will undoubtedly help us to know how to take advantage of all the advantages that the service currently offers. Let's go there!

Trick # 1: Take advantage of the free trial period

Movistar Plus Lite by default has a price of 8 euros per month, but like almost any streaming service worth its salt, it also offers a completely free trial period. In this case the guys from Movistar have stretched quite a bit with a trial period that does not have a week or two, but a whole month free in full.

Of course there is nothing that prevents us from creating different accounts to chain several months of testing by the pin, as long as we use different email accounts and payment methods each time. Thus, for example, if we live with our partner or our parents, we can convince them to sign up and extend the free initiation period offered by the platform a little more.

Access the free trial month on the Movistar website

Trick # 2: Movistar + Lite free due to coronavirus

When in mid-March the Covid-19 crisis was already a reality and the country was immersed in a state of alarm, Movistar decided to step forward and offer 2 months of your streaming service completely free for everyone.

It is important to emphasize that it is an offer for everyone, whether we have contracted a telephone line with Movistar, or not, as if we have already taken advantage of the free trial month previously.

However, we must emphasize that this offer has been in circulation for more than a month and a half, being the last day to take advantage of it next April 30. If we sign up on time, we can enjoy Movistar + Lite for free until the end of June. It's not bad at all.

See offer of 2 months free of Movistar + Lite

UPDATED : As one of our readers has seen, this offer ended early and is no longer available.

Trick # 3: Shared Accounts

If we have already exhausted all the months of testing we have had and because we have to look for chestnuts elsewhere. Another widely used method is to share accounts. In this sense, the Movistar streaming service allows the simultaneous playback on up to 2 devices, which means that if we share the subscription costs with our roommate or closest family member, the price to pay would be cut in half (4 euros, which in principle is a fairly acceptable price).

We can also try to convince a friend who is already paying for the service to give us their account. Of course, in this case we must make sure to keep the friend happy and sweeten him from time to time with the odd little detail or perk.

As you can see, there are several ways to access Movistar + Lite for free, although if none of these options work for us, we can always take advantage of the free trial months offered by other similar platforms. You can find a list of the most important streaming services of the moment that offer free trials in this ANOTHER POST.

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